Enrich contact data with FullContact

Inputs Required
  • Your Fullcontact API key
    (Your API key)
  • Email ID of a user
    (Email ID to use for data enrichment)
  • Twitter username
    (Twitter username)
  • Full name of the profile
    (Full name of the profile)
  • Phone
    (Phone number of the user)

  • fullName
    "Full name"
  • ageRange
    "Age range"
  • gender
  • location
    "User location"
  • title
    "Job title"
  • organization
    "Company or organization"
  • Twitter
    "Twitter username"
  • linkedin
    "LinkedIn profile"
  • facebook
    "Facebook profile"
  • bio
    "Bio of the user"
  • avatar
    "Avatar of the user"

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