Extract Company Facebook Ads Library

Inputs Required
  • Ads Page Url
    (The Facebook Ads Page URL)
  • CUser
    (Get facebook session)
  • Xs
    (Get facebook session)

  • publicationDate
    "The date the ads was published"
  • adsId
    "ID of the Ads"
  • adsText
    "Ads text"
  • adsUrl
    "Ads url"
  • imageUrl
    "image link used in the ads"
  • logoUrl
    "Logo of the company"
  • pageName
    "Company name"
  • videoUrl
    "Video link of Ads"
  • pageCreated
    "Date the page was created"
  • pageManagersLocation
    "Location of people that manages the ads page"
  • otherAdvertisers
    "Names of other advertisers"

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