Extract Company Facebook Ads Transparency Page

Inputs Required
  • Ads Page Url
    (The Facebook Ads Page URL)

  • adsPage
    "The company has owns the ads"
  • dateCreated
    "Date the ads page was created"
  • countryManagedFrom
    "Countries where the ads are managed from"
  • pageID
    "Facebook page ID of the company"
  • pageNameChanges
    "Number of page name changes"
  • pageCategory
    "Page category"
  • pageAlias
    "Page alias"
  • likes
    "Number of likes on page"
  • pageVerification
    "Page verification"
  • igUsername
    "Instagram Username"
  • igFollowers
    "Followers on instagram"
  • igVerification
    "Instagram page verified"
  • profilePhoto
    "Profile photo"

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