Extract Instagram posts

Inputs Required
  • sessionid
    (Instagram sessionid cookie)
  • Profile URL
    (URL of the profile to scrape)
  • Number of posts
    (Number of posts to download (max. 1.5k))

  • postUrl
    "Link to the post"
  • description
    "Post description"
  • commentCount
    "Number of comments on the post"
  • likeCount
    "Number of likes on the post"
  • pubDate
    "Publication date"
  • type
  • caption
    "Caption of the post"
  • imgUrl
    "URL of the image in the post"
  • videoUrl
    "Url of the video in the post"
  • id
    "Instagram ID"
  • profileUrl
    "URL of the profile"
  • timestamp
    "Script execution timestamp"
  • query
    "Query for the scraping"

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