Extract Twitter following

Inputs Required
  • auth_token
    (Twitter auth_token cookie)
  • Profile URL
    (URL of the profile to scrape)
  • Number of following
    (Maximum number of profiles to collect (max. 10000 profiles))

  • blockedBy
    "If the user blocked you"
  • profileUrl
    "Profile URL"
  • blocking
    "If the user is blocking you"
  • businessProfileState
    "Profile state"
  • canMediaTag
    "Can media tag"
  • createdAt
    "Account creation date"
  • description
    "User description"
  • favouritesCount
    "User favourites count"
  • followRequestSent
    "If you have sent a follow request"
  • followedBy
    "If the profile follows you"
  • followersCount
    "Profile followers count"
  • following
    "User following"
  • friendsCount
    "Following count"
  • id
    "Profile ID"
  • location
    "User location"
  • mediaCount
    "Media file count"
  • muting
    "User muting"
  • name
    "Profile name on Twitter"
  • normalFollowersCount
    "Followers count"
  • notifications
    "User notifications"
  • profileImageUrlHttps
    "Profile image URL"
  • protected
    "Whether the profile is protected"
  • requireSomeConsent
    "Whether user requires consent"
  • screenName
    "Screen name on Twitter"
  • statusesCount
    "Status count"
  • timeZone
    "Profile timezone"
  • utcOffset
    "Profile UTC offset"
  • verified
    "If the user is verified or not"
  • inputProfileUrl
    "input profile url"

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