Linkedin Basic Info Extractor

Inputs Required
  • li_at
    (li_at linkedin session cookie)
  • Profile Url
    (Profile url of the user)
  • LinkedIn Premium Account
    (Check this, if you have a premium linkedin so we execute with increased limits for premium)

  • profileLink
    "profile link"
  • website
    "websites of user"
  • phone
    "phone number added by user"
  • email
    "email of the user"
  • ims
    "ims added by user"
  • connected
    "day of connection"
  • birthday
    "birthday of the user"
  • address
    "map link added by user"
  • name
    "Full name"
  • firstName
    "first name"
  • lastName
    "last name"
  • followerCount
    "follower count"
  • profilePicture
    "profile picture url"
  • headline
    "Profile headline"
  • connectionCount
    "Connection count"

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