This LinkedIn automations will scrape for you all the data displayed on a LinkedIn company page.

It is meant for salespeople, marketing teams, and growth squads, who wish to have LinkedIn data accessible in their CRM.

Specify one (or thousands) of LinkedIn company URLs, and TexAu LinkedIn Company Scraper will get them for you.

LinkedIn Company Info Scraper Use-Cases

Extracting LinkedIn company data is key for anyone wishing to have an up-to-date CRM. It allows you to import every bit of data a company put on its company page without browsing LinkedIn: From location to employees, content, job offers, etc. Here are some use-cases:

  1. Enrich your CRM. Scrape all the publically available data related to a company to a .CSV spreadsheet or to Google Sheet or Excel.
  2. Find the social media of companies easily. Companies tend to list all their social media. Use that data for further automation on other platforms, for instance.
  3. Gather data. Number of employees, followers, frequency of post, and more can tell a lot regarding a company health, marketing strategy, job offerings, and more.
  4. Scrape job offers. Job offers tell a lot. When someone starts a job, chances are he or she will bring new ways of doing things, new tools, etc. Take this opportunity to get help the company with your product or service.

This scraper works great when combined with other automations that make lists of companies, such as LinkedIn Search Company Extractor.

How to scrape LinkedIn company data with TexAu?

Build a LinkedIn marketing strategy using the company list extracted from LinkedIn search

  1. Create a free TexAu account here.
  2. List the LinkedIn URLs of the targeted companies.
  3. Start the scraper or schedule it for later.

That’s it! Your data will be delivered to a .CSV spreadsheet ready to be opened with Excel, Numbers, or GSheets. Or to be used as a step of a more advanced automated flow.



After logging in to your TexAu account and adding this automation to your account, you’ll be facing this setup screen:

  1. Li_AT: Represents the LinkedIn profile with which you’ll perform this automation.
  2. Company URL: Enter the URL of the company you want to scrape the details. If you want to scrape multiple companies’ data, prefer using a .CSV or Google Sheet (see below).
  3. Upload a CSV or Link a Google Sheet: To extract data from multiple companies, upload here a .CSV file, or the address of a Google spreadsheet, filled with LinkedIn Company pages’ URLs (don’t forget to make it public, see FAQ below).
  4. Launch automation: Click on this button to start the automation.
  5. Schedule automation: Schedule this automation to run at a specific time, or to launch multiple times.

If it’s your first time using TexAu, here are some FAQ’s:


How do I add a new profile?

To connect your LinkedIn profile and perform this automation, you must:

Why would I use Google Sheets?

When you want to export multiple targets without having to change the #2 field every time, you can use a Google spreadsheet URL instead.

To do this, simply put every target URLs you want to target in the first column of the sheet like so:

Then make your Google sheet public. Without it, TexAu won’t be able to access it.

How to schedule my automation to launch multiples times?

Automation is not always welcomed. To avoid being suspended, prefer making many small launches over one big launch.

How to download your results?

After you launch your automation, you’ll see TexAu performing its job in the log section. It will look something like that:

Once the launch is over, click “Download CSV” to download your data to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Download your results by clicking “Download CSV”.

Best practices

We recommend scraping up to 30 company pages per day.

Questions? Reach out to our support, we’ll be happy to assist you!