Scrape a Quora profile

Inputs Required
  • ms
    (Quora session cookie)
  • mb
    (Quora session cookie)
  • Profile URL
    (URL of the profile to scrape)

  • fullname
    "Full name"
  • description
  • job
    "Current job"
  • studies
  • location
  • answerViews
    "Total article views"
  • topWriter
    "Whether the writer is a top writer or not"
  • publishedWriter
    "Whether the writer is a published writer or not"
  • answers
    "Number of answers"
  • questions
    "Number of questions"
  • posts
    "Number of posts"
  • shares
    "Number of shares"
  • followers
  • following
  • topics
    "Number of topics where the writer is active"
  • edits
    "Number of edits"
  • timestamp
    "Script execution timestamp"
  • followerYouKnow
    "Name & profile URL of mutual followers"
  • topicsFollowed
    "List of topics followed"

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