This LinkedIn Automation helps sales send LinkedIn automated messages. LinkedIn automated messaging allows you to save time, reach out faster, and invest your focus where it should be: Building relationships with your clients and delivering the goods.

Automate your LinkedIn messaging and take your sales to the next level

Automated LinkedIn outreach is a must-have when it comes to B2B sales. Automating your messages can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Sales outreach. Sending the first message after you connect with a prospect is essential. Automate sending LinkedIn messages, but with all the basic customization features (name, company name, etc.)
  • Send DMs to your LinkedIn connections. Ask (segments of) your network to support you when publishing new content. By asking with an automated DM, you’re increasing your chances they’ll comply, and your content will become significantly more visible.
  • Reach out to people interacting with a specific post. Find a post about the problem your company fixes. Extract all the people interacting with it and reach out to them on automatic. Your reply rate will be through the roof.
  • Follow up on people who haven’t answered yet. Connect LinkedIn Message Sender to your LinkedIn inbox so that you only shoot DMs out to people who haven’t gotten back to you yet.
  • Send automated messages to LinkedIn group members. Other great places to find prospects are the LinkedIn groups. Extract members of a group and use this automation to automatically send messages to each member.
  • Greet your new connections. By simply starting a discussion after someone connected to you, you’re setting yourself apart. Set those automated DMs on automatic and focus on creating a relationship with those interested.

These are just examples. TexAu allows you to add an automated message brick to any LinkedIn growth strategy you’re interested in.

LinkedIn automated messages with TexAu

Using TexAu’s LinkedIn message automatic is simple:

  1. Create a free TexAu account here.
  2. Create a list of LinkedIn profiles you want to messages to. (See use-cases)
  3. Craft your message, specify dynamic fields’ content, and even attached documents.
  4. Start the automation now or schedule it for later.

That’s it!



After logging in to your TexAu account and adding this automation to your account, you’ll be facing this setup screen:

  1. Li_AT: Represents the LinkedIn profile with which you’ll perform this automation.
  2. Message: Enter here the message you want to send.
  3. Image URL: Optional. URL of an image to attach to your message.
  4. Profile URL: The URL of the LinkedIn profile that you want to send automated LinkedIn messages to. In the likely case you want to send multiple messages, use the .CSV or Google Sheets options shown below.
  5. Check previous message: Prevents sending message if last message came from the recipient.
  6. LinkedIn Premium: If you have a Premium account, check this box to increase the number of messages this automation can send without triggering LinkedIn.
  7. Only send to connected profiles: Prevents sending message to people you’re not already connected with.
  8. Upload a CSV or link a Google Sheet: If you want to export multiple profiles’ data, upload here a .CSV filled with profile URLs, or the address of a Google spreadsheet (don’t forget to make it public, see FAQ below).
  9. Launch automation: Click on this button to start the automation.
  10. Schedule automation: Schedule this automation to run at a specific time, or to launch multiple times.

If this is your first time using TexAu, we recommend reading the FAQ.


How do I add a new profile?

To connect your LinkedIn profile and perform this automation, you must:

Why would I use Google Sheets?

When you want to export multiple targets without having to change the #2 field every time, you can use a Google spreadsheet URL instead.

To do this, simply put every target URLs you want to target in the first column of the sheet like so:

Then make your Google sheet public. Without it, TexAu won’t be able to access it.

How to schedule my automation to launch multiples times?

Automation is not always welcomed. To avoid being suspended, prefer making many small launches over one big launch.

How to download your results?

After you launch your automation, you’ll see TexAu performing its job in the log section. It will look something like that:

Once the launch is over, click “Download CSV” to download your data to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Download your results by clicking “Download CSV”.

Best practices

We recommend sending a maximum of 40 messages per day over multiple launches.

If you have a Sales Navigator account, you can safely double that to 80 messages over the course of a day.

Questions? Reach out to our support, we’ll be happy to assist you!