Google Sheets are very helpful in processing large datasets easily with TexAu Spices. In this guide, we will see how to use Google Sheets for processing.

How to use Google sheet with TexAu Spices

To use Google sheet with TexAu, please keep a note of the following things to avoid issues while running the automation.

The sheet must be publicly visible, which means you must create a sharing link through which TexAu can access your Google sheet. Only the view option is needed, you can later change the settings after automation is completed.

If your sheet contains headers, you need to mention that on the TexAu Spice page so that our automation ignores the first row.

If new data is added frequently you can process only new results as well by checking an option.

Now let’s see step by step process and run a TexAu Spice with Google sheet.

Step 1: Creating a Google Sheet with all the data.

I had extracted Twitter followers of one of our competitors and now I’m going to find all those users on LinkedIn and possibly later reach out to them to talk about TexAu. πŸ˜‰

Now that you have a Google sheet ready with all the data to process, let’s create a link that TexAu Spice will use to view and process the data.

Click on the Share button.

Select Anyone with a link can view.

Step 3: Adding Google sheet details on TexAu Spice

Head over to the Spice you want to use and click on the Google Sheet icon. Β I’m going to use the LinkedIn Profile URL finder to find all these potential leads on LinkedIn.

Click on Google Sheet URL

Paste the copied URL, enter the column name and select the checkboxes if your sheet contains the headers and then if you only want to process the new results.

πŸ’‘ You can write either A, B, C …. or 1, 2, 3 for the query column name

Click the “Submit Google Sheet” button and it will start processing your sheet.

Now you can see the logs and also download the results from the results page.

If you want to download the CSV, click on that green “Results” button and it will show you a nice table with a button to download the CSV.

Congratulations you just ran your first Spice with Google sheets πŸŽ‰

We also have a guide on how to use CSV with TexAu Spices, make sure to check that if you’re using CSVs πŸ™‚