In this guide, we are going to see one very important concept of Parallel Execution – it simply means how many automation & Workflow you can run at a time.

What is TexAu Parallel Execution?

In the simple sentence, Parallel execution is total execution ( Spice + Recipes ) you can run at any given time. So, if I have 4 parallel executions in my plan, I can run 4 Spices or 3 Spices and 1 Recipe or maybe 2 Spices and 2 Recipes together.

Parallel execution is the total automation you can run at any given moment. We don’t divide the time for each automation. It is always a first come first serve basis.

What is execution time?

Each TexAu automation takes a few seconds or few minutes to complete, depending on the total data we are processing. Execution time is the total time automation takes to complete. We do not count any random delays that we have added, only the real execution work is counted.

Depending on your plan on TexAu, you get daily execution times to use for your automations. You can run as many automations as you need in a day, as long as you have execution time left.

How are parallel execution and execution time connected?

Let’s say I have 4 parallel executions and 40 mins of time.

I start my day by running one automation with a Google sheet of 100 rows, I passed that to the automation and it is running. Then I start another 2 automations since I have 25 mins left still and now I have 3 automations running. I have now 4 mins left and I run another 4th automation and now I have a total of 4 automations running.

If I try to run any additional automation, it won’t allow it since the parallel execution limit is reached. If one gets completed and I have 1 minute still for today, I can run one automation, once you exceed the limit, we automatically stop that execution. If you are using Google Sheet to process thousands of data, we start it automatically on the next day to process all are processed and you have the data in hand.

So Parallel Execution and Execution time are dependent on each other.

I hope this explains what is parallel execution and what is execution time.

In the next guide, we will see how to manually get cookies if something goes wrong and the TexAu Chrome extension is not working.