Because we automate the text πŸ™‚

TexAu is a combination of two words – Text and Automation. We have been automating the web for the last 2 years and now we are building this product to make your life easier with our powerful automation product. TexAu is a growth automation platform to scale businesses faster using the true power of Automation and data. With TexAu, you can seamlessly extract data from different social media platforms, enrich it, connect it to your favorite CRM, and tools that you every day at work.

Our whole purpose of building TexAu is to save time that we spent doing things manually or by hiring a bunch of VAs to pass data from one platform to another. TexAu can save you lots of time and money that you have been spending till now in doing things manually which can be automated.

Let’s see in the next article the terms we use, meanings, and much more.