In this guide, we are going to see how to use TexAu and integration to push data from TexAu to your campaigns. is a very good tool for sending cold emails from your Gmail/GSuite accounts.

Here is the step-by-step progress to work with integration inside TexAu recipes.

Step 1: Getting API key

Before we start, you will need the API key, you can obtain this key from your account page. Head over to the settings page and copy the API key.


Step 2: Store API key inside a Global variable on TexAu for easy access

To avoid copy/paste this API key again and again in every Recipe, we will create a global variable with the name and store this year. - Global Variable

Step 3: Using Integration with TexAu Recipes takes an email address and adds that email in the campaign. First name, last name, and all other fields are optional. Since email is a mandatory field, integration will only work with Recipe where you are getting emails in the results of any Spice.

As soon as you add the key, we dynamically fetch the sequences for you. You just need to select the campaign in the next input by clicking on the insert variable button.

Now that you have added the campaign. Simply map the email field from the Spices you have used and our integration will be adding the leads in your sequence.

Now just run your Recipe and see the results.

So now you know how to use with TexAu Recipes!


Do you have any questions about this integration? Reach out to our support and we will help you right away! 🙂