In this guide, we have covered all the basics you need to know about the TexAu Multi-accounts feature. TexAu Multiple-accounts feature allows you to easily, add new social media account, keep the limits separate, and manage all the executions.

Let’s get started.

How to use TexAu Multi-accounts feature

In this section, we are going to cover how to add, edit, and remove accounts using this new feature.

How to add a new account on TexAu

Let’s say you offer lead generation services to clients and you want to add your client’s new LinkedIn and Instagram account. It is hard to work with cookies and you constantly have to manage cookies and limits without this feature. But, this new feature has made the whole work a lot easier.

Simply open the app and click on this small icon, since you’re just getting started it will say Multiple accounts? Click on it.

Multi-accounts feature, TexAu

Then you can click on “Add a new account”.

Add a new account TexAu

Adding a new account only requires a Name. We don’t ask for cookies or anything else at this step.

Add new account name on TexAu

When you add a new account, TexAu automatically created all the new limits and created a separate view for your new account. What does this mean?

The new account will have a separate limit for each automation for every platform.

You can switch easily from your default account to a new account at any time.

When you working with the client’s account, switch to your Client’s account, and run automation.

The best part? Our new Cookie Manager works with multiple accounts so you only need to fill cookies once for each account and you can run automation as long as cookies do not expire. You don’t need to fill in cookies again and again even when you are working with your client’s account.

This covers how to add a new account using this new feature. Let’s see how to view results and delete accounts.

How to view results for a specific account on the Results page

If you want to see the executions only of a specific account you have added. First, select the account from here:

then visit the results page and select Show execution for this account only. It will show you all the executions for this specific account.

How to delete an account from Multiple accounts

To delete or remove an account, simply click on this delete icon and it will remove the account.

NOTE: All your executions will be still accessible on the Spice and Recipe results page but you won’t be able to filter the results for a deleted accounts. We do not store the Name of the deleted account.

In case if you have any other specific query related to this feature, please reach out to our support and we will be happy to assist you further.

Thank you so much for your continuous support in building TexAu 🙏