TexAu recently introduced the “Cookie Manager” feature to easily manage all your account cookies in one place. Cookie Manage is a place where you can paste your social media account cookie and it will be available across all the Spices for that specific platform. This means, now you only need to fill the cookies once and only when it gets expired.

This is a great addition to TexAu, let’s see how this works.

Cookie Manager is the very first thing you will see when you signup and create a new account. In case if you already have an account, you can visit the Cookie Manager page and fill in your cookies.

How to fill cookies and use it for Spices and Recipes

First, open the Cookie Manager page and check the platform you want to use. You can add the cookie for multiple platforms at once by click on the “Get Cookie” button for each platform.

                                          Open Cookie Manager

In this example, I have added a cookie for Instagram and click on “Check Cookie”. When you click on Check Cookie, TexAu will visit Instagram and try to connect with your cookie, if the connection is successful then it will show a message — Connected as username as shown in the image.

You can further add cookies for other platforms as well. Once all the done, simply click on the Update Cookie button and all your cookies will be saved on our platform.

Now let’s see how to run a Spice with this new Cookie Manager update.

We have made it a lot simpler to run Spices and Recipes after this cookie change. The best part is you only need to update your cookie when it is expired OR when you want to use a different account for running any Spice.

Just visit the Spice page and you will see connected as your username, which means, you are already connected using your account and you can run the automation.

Just add the required inputs and run the automation.

In case, if you want to change the cookie and use a different account, just click on the Change button as shown in the image above, and you will be taken back to the Cookie Manager page, you can add an update your Cookie.

Recipe now only requires the input, we have removed the Cookie field completely from all the Spices.

As you can see in the image below, you will see how you are connected on any platform, including the limit and in case if you want to change the account, we have added a small — CHANGE button here as well. Click on the Change button and you will be taken back to the Cookie Manager page, rest all the work is the same.

I’m sure you may still have a few questions about this feature. Let’s see the FAQ section below.



What happens to my previous automations which are already running?

Your previous executions are not affected. They will keep running as it is. This change will be applied to all the new automation runs.

What if I want to use a different account only one just one Spice or a Recipe?

Unfortunately, it is not possible anymore to change the cookie for a single execution. We have released multiple accounts feature you can use that.

I have multiple social media accounts, how do I work with them after this change?

TexAu Multi-accounts feature allows you to easily add as many accounts as you need. You can select the account you are using the run automation. Read more about it HERE.

Are you always connected to my account internally?

No, we only check the cookie once when you add it. Usually, cookies do not expire, unless you are using a proxy or you have updated your browser on your computer. Cookies are automatically verified whenever you run new automation.