TexAu Teams allows you to easily invite your team members, assign roles, and give permissions to run automation for specific platforms. Let’s see how it works.

How to invite a new member on the TexAu platform

In this section, we are going to see how to invite a new member to your team on TexAu.

Step 1: Visit the TexAu Teams page and click on Add a new Member

TexAu Teams Page

Add a new member TexAu

Step 2: Enter the user’s name, email first, and then assign roles.

There are 3 different roles for each member, check the FAQ Section at the end to know more about roles in TexAu teams feature.

Here you can add Name, Email, Role, and assign daily execution time a user can use.

NOTE: The owner can still use all the execution time while running the automation. Member will be able to use the allocated time and it will be deducted from the owner’s execution time. Assigning daily execution time limits the member from going beyond the allocated time.

Assign roles on TexAu teams

Step 3: Member receives his own separate account.

After adding all the details you can click on “Create Member” and it will send an email verification link to the invited member.

Once the email is verified, he can log in to TexAu and start using the app.

Let’s see how to edit or remove a member from your team.

Editing Member details and permissions

To update execution time or permissions for any member, click on the “Update” button and you can change the role, decrease or increase the execution time.

Updating member details on TexAu

And this will update the member permissions and time.

Removing a team member from TexAu Teams

To remove a member, open the teams’ page and find the member you want to remove. Click on the “Remove Member” button.

This will ask you for confirmation about this change:

Confirmation of delete on TexAu

Once confirmed, all the executions will be moved to your account and the member will be removed. This will permanently remove the account from TexAu.

NOTE: Member can later signup and create his/her own account on TexAu for future use. This won’t have any related to your teams ๐Ÿ™‚

More questions? Check the FAQ section below



What can a viewer do?

A Viewer can only view all the Recipes and Spices. They can also check the executions and results of any Spice or a Recipe.

What do you mean by Editor?

Editor, as it says, can edit the Spice, Recipe, view executions, run automation and also delete any past Spice or Recipe executions.

What about admins?

Admin as the name suggests they have similar permissions as owners. So they can invite other team members, edit subscription, remove members, edit allotted time.

What happens when we delete a team member?

When you delete a team member, all the executions and data included the created Recipes and Spices will be moved to the Owner’s account. You don’t lose any data ๐Ÿ™‚

Is team feature the same as agency or White-label?

No, Teams feature is for agencies who have a team and they want to invite them as well to use TexAu.

It can be also be used to invite your freelancers and VAs to work on your behalf and run automation.

My member did not receive an email, what should I do?

Emails are sent after a minute or two. Please ask your member to refresh the inbox and check the spam folder as well. In rare cases, email can go to the spam folder. If the issue persists, please reach out to support and we will send another email ASAP.

What else?

That’s all. In case if you have any specific queries, please contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you further.