TexAu desktop app allows you to run Spices with CSV and Google Sheet support right from your computer. In this guide, we will walk through all the steps you need to set up TexAu Desktop App in macOS.

Step 1: Download TexAu Desktop App

First, we need to do download the app from here – Download TexAu MacOS App

This link will download the App to your computer

Step 2: Move TexAu to your Applications folder

This is a very common step that we follow in macOS after installing any application.

Simply Drag and Drop the TexAu app to Application Folder.

Drag-And-Drop TexAu Desktop APp

Step 3: Open and Start using the App

This is the final step, you need to visit the Applications folder, find TexAu App.

Right-click on the app and select the “Open” option.

This will open the app and start running.

Step 4: In case if you receive any warning

If you see any warning message about TexAu, simply select “Open”. The warning is not shown for everyone but for a few users depending on system preferences, they can be a warning of “App was downloaded from an unidentified developer…” please select Open and run the app if this warning appears.

To solve this, simply go to your Applications, select TexAu and do a right-click and select “Open”.

If you face any other issues, please reach out to support and we will be responding to you ASAP!

Video Tutorial:

We also have a video tutorial on how to set up TexAu Desktop App on Mac and Windows and run your first 5 automation. Make sure to watch this video for more details.