In this guide, we are going to see how to use Webhooks to receive data from a third-party tool and start a Recipe execution. TexAu webhook provides an easy way to receive data from TexAu to any other tool or pass data from TexAu to any other tool.

To show how it works, we are going to implement a simple Recipe that takes full name and company name and finds LinkedIn profile. After finding LinkedIn Profile, it will send the data to a Google Sheet.

Our Recipe looks like this:

TexAu Webhook Example

How to setup webhooks in TexAu Recipe

This Recipe will receive data from a third-party tool, for example, a calendar tool. We are going to use webhooks for that, let’s see how to set up a webhook for this Recipe.

Go back to the Recipes page and click on the settings icon of the Recipe you created

Select Recipe to Setup Webhooks

2. Click on the setting icon and select “Setup Webhooks”

Setup Webhook TexAu

3. Now you will receive a Webhook URL, copy that webhook URL, and paste it to the software you are connecting TexAu with. Make sure to activate Listening to activate this webhook and click on Determine data structure to receive formatted data from the third-party tool.

4. The Webhook will start listening to receive data from the third-party software. As soon as it receives any data, you will see this pop-up text Succcessfully determined.

Our webhooks has successfully received data from the external tool, its time to set up the inputs of our Recipe using the data we received in the webhook.

How to map the inputs from data received using Webhook in TexAu Recipe

Click on the Recipe you have created and open the Spice

Click on the ➕  button to see all the data received from the Webhook

3. Now select the input you would like to map from Webhooks data to this input field.

4. As my first Spice in the Recipe takes the full name and any extra data like the company name to find the LinkedIn profile, I’m going to map the name and company name to this Query field.

Now my Recipe setup is complete. This Recipe will start automatically as soon as the data is received.

Running the Recipe using Webhooks

Once you have mapped all the inputs, click save and then Run the Recipe.

As soon as new data is received, it will trigger the Recipe and it will start running.

Hope this helps.