TexAu Recipe is a powerful tool to automate your manual processes and build powerful lead generation pipelines.

This video provides the basics of the first screen that you see on TexAu Recipes.

In Short,

  1. Recipe Name: Name of your Recipe. Recipe names are helpful in easily guessing what it is about.
  2. Recipe Description: Short description of what your Recipe does and which platforms it uses.
  3. Save Recipe: Button for you to save Recipe. Save it once – for the first time and then it will get auto-saved on every change.
  4. Run Recipe: This will start running your Recipe and you can see the log on the results page.
  5. Test Run Recipe: Sometimes we want to see what the end result is going to be, that’s where test runs are very helpful. It will run your Recipe for once, nothing will be saved on our database.
  6. Variables: Variables are an easy way to create key and value pairs to use across all your recipes or the current Recipe.Global Variable: Global variables will be available for you to use in all your Recipes on the TexAu Platform. Local Variables: It will be local to that particular Recipe.

Watch this whole video to understand different parts and what they are useful.

I hope this was helpful.