If you would like to upload all your Spice automation results to Google Sheet, there is a very simple way to do this.

TexAu Provides a Public link for viewing results that can be enabled from the results page of any Spice. You can visit the Results page and then click on Enable Public CSV link and then copy the link to share with anyone.

Generate Public URL TexAu

How to push results to a Google Sheet.

Google Sheet provides a function called IMPORTDATA() this takes the CSV URL and updates all the data to Google Sheet. We are going to use this function to submit all the data from our Results page to Google Sheet.

  1. As shown above, first visit the results page and then click on Generate Public URL – this will generate a CSV file for you.
  2. Copy that CSV URL.
  3. Create a new Google Sheet or just visit sheets.new it will create a new Google Sheet for you.
  4. In the first cell, type IMPORTDATA("YOUR LINK HERE") – make sure to replace YOUR LINK HERE with the link you copied in the first step.

Check the attached video below.

Push data to Google Sheet from TexAu

Hope this helps.

This will save you lots of time and you won’t have to use our workflows for just submitting data to a Google Sheet.


  1. This technique works even in the case of Scheduled Spices as well so every time your scheduled Spice will run, new fresh data will be automatically added to your Google Sheet.
  2. IMPORTDATA has some limitations in terms of maximum CSV file size. In case if you have more than 1 thousand rows or too many columns, this may not work.
  3. This technique is best suited for data of size 4MBs or lower.