When using social media automation tools like TexAu it’s important to understand that automatic activity on new account will be quickly picked up by services like Instagram, which will flag, suspend or even ban your account.

Warming up your account is essential in order to increase the chances that the service will continue to see you as a human instead of as a bot.

There isn’t an exact list of actions that will guarantee that you will not be flagged as a bot. What we propose here are just recommendations, guided by common sense. The main question you need to ask yourself is: would a human do it this way? For example, if you create an account and on the same day you create an automation to follow 200 accounts, you’ll have a high chance of being suspended.

Day 1

Verify your email, and complete your profile: name, username, gender, bio, etc. Add avatar and link as well. Upload 2-3 pictures that are relevant to your target audience and give a few likes and follows manually.

Day 2

Let the account rest for today.

Day 3

Now you can start to follow other accounts and liking other account’s pictures. Start small, maybe 5-10 follows and 10-15 likes spread over a few hours.

Day 4 onwards

Increase your activity slowly (+25 follows and likes per day) over more hours each day. Monitor your results to verify that you’re not being flagged. Your account activity should be restricted to a maximum of 16h per day.

How to increase your account security

  • Let your account rest for 24h periods every once in a while.
  • Perform random searches for accounts and hashtags.
  • Always reply any DM you get.
  • Wait at least 3 days for unfollowing someone.
  • Diversify the time frame of your activity.
  • Publish 3-4 pictures a week on your feed, as well as stories.
  • Always keep your following below 2000.
  • Respond to user’s actions: reply or like comments, etc.
  • Liking is always safer than following, but the follow-back rate is much lower.

Follow these steps and once you have some activities start happening like – users liking your posts, commenting on them and you are communicating with your users.

We can consider that the account has warmed up now.

Now, you can run all Instagram automations on your account. 🙂

Hope this helps.