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Before you proceed further or use our site, please check our (https://texau.com) Terms and Conditions thoroughly. You should only continue if you accept ALL the terms and other conditions.

Our Terms and Conditions also Terms of Use, Terms, TnCs are sole guides of TexAu which should be accepted, before you proceed.

In case you are not convinced with any of our terms, you're requested to Contact Us, or you should not continue using our site.

If you're still accessing our site or services, that straightly means you've accepted all of our conditions.

We only have a single page for Terms and Conditions, so anyone visiting our site or using our service automatically accepts our Terms and Conditions. And it applies to every visitor, user, customer, etc.

Please feel free to contact us regarding queries related to our Terms of Use and Conditions or mail us at support@texau.com.

Accounts & Security:

When you use our service or website, you may be asked to make a registration. Which is made to provide you access to more of our service.

Since you're registering with us, that means you've read our Privacy Policies, and you're accepting them.

During registration, we may ask for specific details, that may consist of your Name, Email, Address, Phone Number (refer to Privacy Policy.)

When you register, it means that you're creating a TexAu Account, which can be used to use our services.

If you're creating an account, that means you're providing all the correct and accurate details. You accept that all the details provided by you are right and true to your knowledge.

It's your responsibility to update all the latest information with us. Failing to which may cause your account to be disabled temporarily or permanently.

Also, when you register, you create a password. It is highly adviced not to share the password or credentials with anyone.

If you do so, anything that happens to your account or someone with your account will be solely your responsibility.

Any harm, message, reports done from your account may be taken into consideration and will lead to termination of your account permanently with/without any notice.


To access our site, you must be above 13, and if you want to make any registration, you must adhere that your age is at least 18.

We do not accept access to our site if your age is less than 13. Whereas if you want to use our services, then you must be of 18 years old or so.


You also accept that you're not sharing your TexAu credentials with anyone. If you do so, that means you're taking the entire risk.

If you're using our services, that means you've accepts all the norms and you're authorized in-person.


In case we want to make any communications with you, related to services, accounts, or so. You permit that we can contact you with the Email account you've provided, or with the Phone number or with the Billing address.

We might send notices on non-legal situations to your account. If seen and not replied within three days, means that you've accepted the declaration.

Privacy Policy:

We've listed our complete privacy policy, which can be seen at https://texau.com/privacy-policy

Links to other websites:

We at TexAu provide certain links for the ease of understanding and navigation. Since, you may get a redirection to another site, referring to which you accept that anything happens there is not our responsibility as the site is not under our control.

We take all the responsibility to anything that happens on our site, but not on other websites, URLs. They have their policies, so it's a request to you to please go through their policies too.

Please refer for the same to our privacy policy.

Reservation of Rights

We hold all the rights and policies of our site or service. You or no one is allowed to use our properties without permission.

You may be asked to show written or legal permissions, failing to which may lead to legal cases.

Anything which you see on our site or services tab is our sole properties. If we've used data or properties of other companies, we've listed the credits with permissions.

Hence you accept that you do not and will not copy, share, or sell our data without our permission.

All the information or details listed are collected via public releases and promotion. If we do any changes, we will certainly inform you via notice.

Lifetime accounts:

We restrictly do not allow buying or selling of TexAu lifetime accounts or lifetime codes anywhere including but not limited to any social media platform, in personal or anywhere on the web. If you're a LTD member, you agree to this term. We will permanently delete the user account if we find anyone violating this term.

Governing Law:

We govern all the Terms listed above under the laws of India.

As quoted above, if you're not accepting our terms, then you should not continue using our services. If you do so, that means you've accepted all of our policies and terms.

In case, if you break any of the conditions, that will take your whole rights away. That means you will not have any legal rights with us. We can provoke your rights if you do not comply with our conditions.

We might also terminate any agreement done with you if found guilty or found breaches to any of our conditions henceforth.

Copyright Claiming:

We've listed entire privacy policy and terms to use and access our site and services. Hence, we've rights (refer to Terms) to terminate your account, if you found any intellectual properties used by you.

If in case you think that it is done by mistake, you may reach to us through email.

Please see 17 U.S.C. §512(c)(3) for the requirements of a proper notification. Also, please note that if you knowingly misrepresent that any activity or material on our Services is infringing, you may be liable to TexAu for certain costs and damages.


We own the complete rights to make changes to our Terms and Conditions anytime. We may give you notifications for the same. You can always see the log of all the changes made within our Terms and Conditions page.

The date of the latest Terms and Conditions could be seen at the very bottom of the page. It might help you to understand the flow of changes.

Contact Us:

For any queries, feedbacks related to us, our site, policies, terms, and conditions, you may use the Contact Us page for further communication. Our team of expert will reply at the earliest.