Desktop App v/s Cloud App

The key difference is, Desktop App does not require a proxy, it offers unlimited time
Cloud is ideal for agencies and teams, Automation runs on our powerful servers.

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Desktop App

App for Mac and Windows

  1. Best for one user with one account on each
    social media platforms.
  2. No Proxy Required. ($15/month saved monthly)
  3. Requires the Desktop App to be open since
    everything runs on the computer.
  4. Spices/Recipes auto-pause on closing
    the app or computer and starts automatically
    when desktop app is opened again.


Web application works on all browsers.

  1. Best for agencies and teams with multiple accounts on each
    social media platforms.
  2. Proxy is Required.
  3. You can start, schedule automations/workflows and shut down
    the computer, everything will run on our servers.
  4. Spices/Recieps can be paused anytime you
    visit the app in browser and can be resumed or stopped
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Automate your lead generation funnel without the hassle of  Proxy 

Get the automations running right in your own computer without
the need of any proxy

Recipes & Spices run in your PC

When using Desktop app the spices(automations) and
recipes(workflows) run in your computer. While in web
browser app the spices and recipes run on our cloud
servers, spices and recipes keep running even while you
fly or your computer is off.

Desktop feels the same as Cloud

The experience is the same while running on cloud
or in desktop, you get the same hours at the lowest price
in desktop. Spices and Recipes can be paused and
continued in either desktop and cloud app.

Get Results in Desktop

Spices and Recipes run in desktop auto-pause
when you close the app, and auto-start when you open
the app again on the same computer. Results of Spices
and Recipes run in desktop are marked with a desktop icon.

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