Get all employees from a target company in LinkedIn


Get all employees from a target company in LinkedIn

Having a comprehensive view of the employees working at a target company can be useful in a wide range of settings.

  • For salespeople, having a 360 view of their prospect's decision centre is invaluable in order to focus their approach, identify the decision-makers and the people to influence, and uncover unknown contact points that can make a deal much easier.
  • For recruiters, having a list of employees from top companies to scout for talent can be a real time-saver.
  • Marketers, on the other hand, could use such a list to inform their messaging decisions and build user personas. It could also be valuable information to better understand the competition and their internal structure.

How can you scrape all the employees from a list of companies in LinkedIn?

  1. Authenticate easily and safely on LinkedIn. The automation needs to connect to LinkedIn on your behalf. We can do that easily and safely with your session cookies. You can grab your cookie easily with our Chrome extension, or you can follow these steps to get the cookie manually.
  2. Provide the list of companies for which you want to scrape the list of employees. If you already have a list of LinkedIn company URLs, then all great, as we can plug that list directly to the LinkedIn Company Employees Spice to extract them. Oh, you don't have that list? No worries. We can start this Recipe with a list of company names. Our automation will look for the LinkedIn company URL and feed that to the employee scraper. We recommend you to check the results to verify the company URL matches your target company.
  3. We recommend to set a delay so that the connection requests are spaced through several hours to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn spam filters.
  4. All set, you should now have the list of employees from all your target companies. What can you do with it? Plug it directly into your CRM or upload it first to Google Spreadsheets or Airtable and start sorting, filtering and organising all this data.

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