Reach out interact or connect with users on the LinkedIn search results page

LinkedIn can be an endless source of data and leads and it’s just within your reach. How can you take advantage of LinkedIn to fuel your company’s growth? By automating the most humble of tools: LinkedIn search.

TexAu has automation that lets you scrape and export the results of a LinkedIn search. You can then export those results to a CSV file or build a Recipe that lets you interact with them in different ways. You could:

  1. Maybe you just want to scrape their profiles to get all their information for your CRM. That’s ok!
  2. You could also view their profiles. A quiet and unobtrusive way to draw their attention.
  3. While you’re at it, you could also endorse their skills. You can automatically endorse the first three skills of any given profile.
  4. If that’s not enough, you can also extract their recent activity and like their posts automatically.
  5. Do you want to take it one step further? Why not send them a message with follow-ups? Or maybe a connection request?

How to scrape LinkedIn search results and send a connection request automatically

  1. Authenticate easily and safely on LinkedIn. The automation needs to connect to LinkedIn on your behalf. We can do that easily and safely with your session cookies. You can grab your cookie easily with our Chrome extension, or you can follow these steps.
  2. Specify your search query. Or use a CSV file or a Google Spreadsheet to specify more than one search query. You can use LinkedIn’s search operators, like AND, OR, NOT.
  3. Write a compelling message to send with the connection request. Although it’s optional, your conversion rate will increase dramatically with a well-crafted introductory message.
  4. We recommend to set a delay so that the connection requests are spaced through several hours to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn spam filters.