Find the LinkedIn profile of contact and reach out automatically

I am sure it has happened to you more than once. You come back from an event, a trade show, or a meetup with a bunch of business cards, and you just don’t know where to start. Well, I have an idea for you: let’s find their LinkedIn profiles and add them to your network, automatically.

How to find a contact in LinkedIn and add them to your network

  1. Authenticate easily and safely on LinkedIn. The automation needs to connect to LinkedIn on your behalf. We can do that easily and safely with your session cookies. You can grab your cookie easily with our Chrome extension, or you can follow these steps to get the cookie manually.
  2. All you need to start is a list of business emails, which you have on their business cards. Or maybe you have them on your CRM, or from any other source.
  3. Write a compelling message to send with the connection request. Although it’s optional, your conversion rate will increase dramatically with a well-crafted introductory message.
  4. We recommend to set a delay so that the connection requests are spaced through several hours to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn spam filters.