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Connect automations together, build powerful workflows, grab the data or generate leads in minutes.
TexAu is a must-have tool for every sales team.

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Trusted by over 9000+ businesses

TexAu is used by thousands of SaaS and Agencies to ⚡ automate all the repetitive work and generate leads faster 🚀

Extract data from the web and generate thousands of leads in minutes

Get rid of manual processes 🤮 that slow your business growth and focus on building relationships 😍 🤝

180+ Automations for 10+ platforms ⚡

We have handcrafted over 180+ automations for over ten platforms including LinkedIn,
Twitter, and, Google. Just fill the inputs, run the automation, and
grab the results in seconds.

Find the "right person" at companies,
at scale ✉️ 🤑

Don't waste your time and energy in finding the right person
at companies to contact. Use TexAu Prospector to easily find the contact
with matching job titles at thousands of companies, in minutes.

Pass data to your favourite CRM
or other 1000+ apps 🔩 ⛓️

Download the data in your computer or upload to Google Sheet
OR, Pass the data to your favorite CRM.
TexAu has integration with all the major CRMs and cold outreach tools.

Growth can be automated: we've made it work 🙂

With TexAu you can automate your workflows so you can focus on what really matters. Just connect the automations together and your workflow is ready in minutes.

More than 120+ ready-to-use

Right now, you can choose between more than
150+ automations on 15 different services, with
many more in the works. With these, you can
easily uncover untapped opportunities for
growth for your business.

Create complex automation
workflows in minutes

You can create a complex chain of automations with
our drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes.
Workflows allow you to connect different services

Get a 360° view of your
leads and contacts

We have integrations with Snov.io, Hunter.io, Lemlist,
Fullcontact and Zapier that will allow you to enrich
data from your users and prospects easily and

Are you ready to increase
your growth by 10x?

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