Automate your
Lead Generation

Automate and combine growth hacking tactics to
generate leads quickly and effortlessly.

With TexAu you can easily combine and connect
different social media services to automate
complex workflows, enrich your user's data
and improve the effectiveness of your ads.

Join our beta and start collecting leads now.

Create complex workflows that
connect multiple social services

With TexAu you can build complex automation processes in minutes. Save hours in data extraction, processing and filtering, and use that data to trigger any action you want.

Make the web work for you


Automate your lead generation funnel and get a more comprehensive view of your prospects. Generate, qualify and enrich lists of contacts to really know who you're talking to.


Build a strong and qualified pipeline of sales prospects with our automation tools. You will be able to reach out to more people, more efficiently, in minutes.


Develop a rich and qualified network of contacts. Uncover new, untapped opportunities to grow your connections and grow your contacts exponentially.

Saving hundreds of hours,
with powerful automations.


Automations Scripts

Our pre-made ready to use automation scripts help you get work done faster.


Total hours saved

Our automation scripts were used over 2000+ times, on average saving 3 mins for every manual work.


Leads generated

With data extraction and filteration, we are helping businesses get potential leads faster.

The web works better when it's connected

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Join our beta program now and start collecting leads in minutes

Join our beta program and you'll get a full-featured account for the duration of the beta phase. You will be able to participate in shaping the future of the most powerful lead generation engine. Provide suggestions, request features and help make the tool you need a reality.


How's TexAu different from similar services?

TexAu lets you build complex workflows and integrate several services together in a visual canvas. You will be able to set up triggers and conditions for each part of the workflow for increased flexibility.

Will there will be any Lifetime deal?

Our lifetime deal will be announced in September. If you want to get notified, join our free beta program now.

Do the automations have any limits?

Yes, there are some limitations in place to prevent you from breaching the terms of service of the social platforms we integrate with and avoid getting your account banned.

What happens after the beta?

You'll have the option of buying a lifetime deal in September. When TexAu goes out of beta, you'll also have the option of buying a subscription. A limited free tier will always be available.

Do you offer customer support?

We offer documentation and tutorials for each feature of TexAu that will solve most of your questions. We also have a Slack community for our users where you can ask questions, report bugs, offer suggestions and get help from our staff.

Can I use "_______" with TexAu?

You can check our list of current and planned integrations here. Do you see something missing? We'd love to help you. You can suggest a new integration to the team. If you're proficient in JSON and XML you can also use webhooks to integrate with almost anything

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