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Frequently Asked Questions

TexAu is a combination of two words → Text and Automation. TexAu is a growth automation platform to scale businesses faster. We enable the true power of Automation and data for every internet business.

Spice is a single automation that performs some action on the web, for example, sending a connection request, sending a message, viewing a profile and extracting all the members of a Facebook group.

Recipes are just like Zapier workflows where you can connect multiple spices and integrations together and build compex automation pipeline. Recipes are the most unique feature on TexAu and this can save hours of manual work.

Execution time is the total time a Spice or Recipe took to complete the process. Let's say you want to extract a Facebook group which has 8000 members and our automation did the work in 5 minutes so the execution time is 5 minutes.

Parallel execution is how many Spices or Recipes you can run or keep running at a time.

MiniCRM is a central where you can play with all the past results of all the Spices you have used. You can also add tags to segment users, do email enrichment and export selected data.

Premium Spices are the ones which are of great value and they are super fast. Premium spices are only available in the paid plans.

Email Enrichment is an Add-On service which makes finding and verifying emails much easier.

Yes, when you create a new TexAu account, you’re instantly enrolled in a free 7-day trial which offers access to all the premium features with 2 hours of daily execution time.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade, you'll pay a pro-rated amount for the rest of the month. If you choose to downgrade, you'll be credited on next month's bill.

If you no longer wish to use TexAu, you may cancel your subscription any time. Your plan will be accessible till the end of the billing period.

Unfortunately, at the moment we only accept payment in United States Dollars (USD). We do accept all major credit/debit cards.

Yes! When you choose to get yearly subscription, we will give you 2 months free, so you will pay for 10 months. 🙂

Never! TexAu is no-code platform, it doesn't matter whether you are a sales person or into marketing. TexAu makes it easy for you to run automations by simply providing the query and adding cookie details. We may need you to locate and map data for Recipes, but we'll guide you through any additional steps required and our support team 💪 are always here to help you by chat and email should you need assistance.

Try searching for what you need in our Help & Support site. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can email us at for more help.