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With TexAu, you can automate all your activites on 10+ websites, including, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora with our 200+ powerful automations. Extract and enrich your data or automate your growth strategy and get light-years ahead of your competition. Just like that.



LinkedIn Follower Extractor

Extract your followers from LinkedIn profile

Extract Linkedin Sales Navigator Inbox

Extract the URLs of all your LinkedIn Sales Navigator conversations. Can be used to make a back-up of your Sales Nav data.

Extract Sales Nav Chat Messages

Extract all the messages from your Sales Navigator conversations. Useful for backing-up data.

Extract Sales Navigator Company Details

Export detailed data about your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Accounts directly to a spreadsheet.

Linkedin Profile Scraper

Extract automatically every single piece of data displayed on a LinkedIn profile (email included), export the sheet, and enrich your CRM.

Scrape Linkedin Profile Visitors

Export the list of visitors having viewed your LinkedIn profile to a .CSV spreadsheet. Only works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Extract Linkedin Post Commenters

Export every LinkedIn user having commented on a LinkedIn post. Use that list of commenters to generate leads or build your audience.

Extract Linkedin Post Likers

Automatically export every LinkedIn user that liked any LinkedIn post. User LinkedIn post likers to generate leads or build your audience.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Accounts Search Scraper

Export all the Accounts resulting in a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search to a spreadsheet.

Find LinkedIn Company ID

Find the unique ID of any LinkedIn Company.

Extract Linkedin Sales Navigator Accounts Search Results

Extract LinkedIn Sales Navigator Company Details to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Extract saved accounts list from Sales Navigator

Extract all the Accounts from your Sales Navigator List. Download to this to a spreadsheet, or use it to start more automations.

Send InMail message using sales navigator

Schedule and mass send LinkedIn InMail messages automatically and from the cloud. Works with all LinkedIn premium plans.

Extract Attendees from a LinkedIn Event

Extract a list of all the attendees of a LinkedIn event to a spreadsheet.

Extract LinkedIn Conversation Links

Extract the URLs of all your LinkedIn conversations to make a back-up of your data.

Extract activities of LinkedIn Company

Export all the activities (Posts and Articles) published by a LinkedIn Company

Extract Linkedin chat messages

Extract all the messages within a LinkedIn thread and make a back-up of all your professional conversations.

Like all comments on LinkedIn posts

Automatically like all the comments made under any LinkedIn post to thank your audience or get noticed.

Linkedin connection remover

Automatically remove a list of LinkedIn connections to clean your network and make room for new ones.

Take a screenshot of a LinkedIn profile

Automatically browse LinkedIn profiles and take a screenshot of each one.

Linkedin Job Details Extractor

Extract all the data available on a LinkedIn Job with this powerful scraper.

Convert to Sales Navigator URL

Convert LinkedIn profile URLs to their Sales Navigator equivalent.

TexAu Prospector – Find emails of company employees

Save LinkedIn Profiles to Lists

Automatically add a list of LinkedIn profiles to a Sales Navigator Leads list.

Scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator Leads Search Result

Export every leads off a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to a spreadsheet and use it to feed your CRM or automate your sales.

Send a Sales Navigator connection request

Automate sending LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests to grow your network and generate new leads.

Extract saved leads list from Sales Navigator

Export all your leads saved in a Sales Navigator list and download them to a .CSV spreadsheet easily.

Find email using LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Email Finder | TexAu Automation

Check If Profile Is Connected On LinkedIn

Automatically checks for a list of LinkedIn profiles if they are connected to your LinkedIn account.

Linkedin Company Search Extractor

Search for a list of companies on LinkedIn and extract all the results to a spreadsheet for your CRM or lead gen.

Linkedin Content Search Extractor

Export all the posts matching a LinkedIn search (author included), and use it to generate new connections and leads.

Extract Basic Info of a Linkedin profile

Extract basic info related to a LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Group Members

Export up to 2500 followers/members of any LinkedIn group you're part of, to start a sales campaign or enrich your CRM.

Extract jobs from LinkedIn search

Auto like a Linkedin Post

Automate your LinkedIn likes on LinkedIn posts and get noticed by your audience. Works with all types of reactions.

Convert a Sales Navigator profile URL

Convert LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile URLs to their classic LinkedIn form.

Scrape a Linkedin Sales Navigator profile

Extract all the data displayed on LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads to a spreadsheet. Automate sales and/or feed your CRM.

View a LinkedIn profile

Extract the likers of a LinkedIn Learning course

Export all the people having liked a LinkedIn course to build a list of targeted prospects.

LinkedIn Send Message

Send automated LinkedIn Messages to your prospects, clients, and audience, and take your LinkedIn messaging game to the next level.

Extract a list of company employees

Export automatically every employee listed on a LinkedIn company page to a spreadsheet or as part of an automated flow.

Find a Linkedin profile

Automatically search for a list of people's name on Google and extract their LinkedIn profile URLs.

LinkedIn search exporter

Export all the pages of profiles of a LinkedIn search to a spreadsheet and boost your LinkedIn prospection flow.

Send a LinkedIn Connection Request

Automate LinkedIn connection requests to connect to tons of new profiles every day and grow your network.

Extract the activities of a LinkedIn profile

Export the activities of a LinkedIn user: Posts, articles, comments, reactions, etc.

Find a LinkedIn company page

This automation searches Google with a company name and find its LinkedIn page' URL.

Scrape a LinkedIn company page

Scrape all the data displayed on a LinkedIn company page and export it to a spreadsheet. Use it for CRM enrichment or sales automation.

Auto Withdraw Linkedin connection requests

Automatically withdraw all your pending LinkedIn connection requests to clean your profile and sales flow.

Extract your Linkedin Connections

Export all your LinkedIn contacts to a spreadsheet, or as a first step to a more advanced automated workflow.

Auto endorse Linkedin Profile

Endorse your LinkedIn connections' skills automatically, and get them to endorse you back to build your profile credibility.


Unfollow A Twitter Profile

Clean your Twitter feed with this Twitter unfollow tool. Remove accounts that are not interesting or which don't follow you back.

Auto Like Recent Tweets from a Twitter Account

Auto like the latest Tweets of a list of Twitter accounts you want to get noticed by.

Like or retweet a tweet

Twitter Auto Liker automatically like or retweet tweets. Use it to get noticed by your fans... automatically!

Reply to a Tweet using Spintax

Automatically comment on a Tweet with this automated tool for Twitter. Use Spintax to generate custom comments.

Extract Media From Twitter Profile

This Twitter Media Extractor will export videos and images of any list of Twitter profiles you want.

Extract Twitter Following

Export the list of all your (or someone else's) Twitter following to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Extract Twitter Followers

Export a list of all the Twitter followers of one or many Twitter accounts to a .CSV spreadsheet easily.

Scrape A Tweet On Twitter

Export all the public information related to a list of Tweet to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Extract Comments From A Twitter Tweet

Automatically export Twitter comments - aka Tweet replies - to a .CSV spreadsheet to have all their data accessible in Excel.

Send a Twitter message

Send out automated Twitter messages to mass reach out to your audience in a personalized way.

Scrape a Twitter profile

Scrape all the data displayed on a list of Twitter profiles (follower count, URL, bio, email) to Excel.

Find a Twitter profile URL

Automatically search for the Twitter profiles matching a list of people or companies' names.

Extract recent posts from Twitter hashtags

Export all the Tweets related to a hashtag to a .CSV. Use that list to grow your audience or analyze data.