TexAu’s LinkedIn Event Attendees Extractor helps sales professionals extract every attendee of any LinkedIn Event they are part of, to a spreadsheet. TexAu will extract in a few minutes an exhaustive list of all attendees, as well as all the data made available by LinkedIn on each one: Name, headline, avatar, status, and more.

How to leverage LinkedIn attendees data?

TexAu users take advantage of attendees data in a variety of creative ways:

  • Find new prospects. Whether it is before or after the event, the more you know about other attendees the better. Extract every attendee’s basic information with this automation, then have LinkedIn Profile Scraper browse each attendee’s LinkedIn profile and extract the available data. Export this data to your CRM and, tada!
  • Connect with attendees. Why wait? Use the list of attendees as a source of people you want to connect to on LinkedIn. Use our LinkedIn Auto-Connect automation to do this while you sleep, and LinkedIn Auto Message Sender to reach out to them at scale.

These are just examples, but you can create any LinkedIn workflow you can imagine with our workflow builder.

How to export LinkedIn event attendees with TexAu

It takes about 2 minutes between signup and download the list of attendees of the LinkedIn event you’re interested in. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free TexAu account here
  2. Select the LinkedIn Event Attendees Exporter to your automations
  3. Specify the URL of the event you’re interested in
  4. Launch!

TexAu will automatically browse the LinkedIn event and scrape every attendee, and deliver the data in TexAu as a .CSV spreadsheet.



After logging in to your TexAu account and adding this automation to your account, you’ll be facing this setup screen:

Here is what each field means:

  1. LinkedIn Session cookie: It represents the LinkedIn profile with which you’ll perform this automation.
  2. Event URL: Enter here the URL of the LinkedIn event you want to extract attendees from.
  3. Max number of attendees: Specify how many attendees you want to extract from this event. We are able to export up to 1000 attendees.
  4. Upload a CSV or Link a Google Sheet: In case you want to export attendees from multiple events, upload here a .CSV fille with events’ URLs, or the address of a Google spreadsheet (don’t forget to make it public).

Once you’re set up, click “Extract” to launch the automation. Your results will be accesible in the “Result” section of TexAu.

If it’s your first time using TexAu, here are some FAQ’s:


How do I add a new profile?

To connect your LinkedIn profile and perform this automation, you must:

Why would I use Google Sheets?

When you want to export multiple targets without having to change the #2 field every time, you can use a Google spreadsheet URL instead.

To do this, simply put every target URLs you want to target in the first column of the sheet like so:

Then make your Google sheet public. Without it, TexAu won’t be able to access it.

How to schedule my automation to launch multiples times?

Automation is not always welcomed. To avoid being suspended, prefer making many small launches over one big launch.

How to download your results?

After you launch your automation, you’ll see TexAu performing its job in the log section. It will look something like that:

Once the launch is over, click “Download CSV” to download your data to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Download your results by clicking “Download CSV”.

Best practices

LinkedIn lets you extract up to 1000 attendees.

Questions? Reach out to our support, we’ll be happy to assist you!