Desktop App v/s Cloud App

The key difference is, Desktop App does not require a proxy, it offers unlimited time.
Cloud is ideal for agencies and teams, Automation runs on our powerful servers.

🚩 Desktop App is ideal for one user. Cloud is best for teams and agencies.

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Desktop App

App for Mac and Windows

  • No Proxy Required
  • Requires the Desktop App to be open since
    everything runs on the computer
  • Spices/Recipes auto-pause on closing
    the app or computer and auto-resume on opening the
    desktop app and can be paused/stopped/resumed manually


Web Application, works in all browsers

  • Use TexAu APIs to build custom apps (Agency plan).
  • Proxy Required for social platforms
  • You can start spices/recipes and shut the computer
    everything will run on our servers
  • Spices/Recieps can be paused anytime you
    visit the app in browser and can be resumed or stopped
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Automate your lead generation funnel without the hassle of  Proxy 

Get the automations running right in your own computer with unlimited time and without
the need of a proxy.

TexAu APIs
180+ Automations Libray
Easy-to-use, drag and drop workflows
TexAu Prospector
Unlimited Execution time
Proxy Required ?
Webhook support
File storage
Third party tools integrations
Google Sheet Support
Zapier and Integromat Integration
Cloud (Browser)

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