Linkedin Content Search Extractor

Inputs Required
  • linkedin session cookie
    (linkedin li_at cookie)
  • Search Text or Url
    (Text you want to search or Search url)
  • Number of posts
    (Number of posts to extract(max 100 posts))
  • LinkedIn Premium Account
    (Check this, if you have a premium linkedin so we execute with increased limits for premium)

  • postUrl
    "Post Url"
  • name
    "Content poster Name"
  • title
    "Content poster title"
  • postDate
    "Content post date"
  • textContent
    "Text content of the post"
  • likeCount
    "Like count on the post"
  • commentCount
    "Comment count on the post"
  • query
    "Search query"
  • timestamp
    "timestamp of the scraping"

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