Scrape a medium profile

Scrape details about any medium profile and mass connect with the creators across the web. We have created this spice to scrape details about a medium profile that can help you connect with the users across the web. You can connect with medium users on Twitter and build a network of like-minded people.

Here are some usecases/applications of using this automation:

  1. Use this automation to scrape the profile details of writers on medium. If they’ve connected their Twitter profile with their medium profile, you can use that to build a network of like-minded writers on medium & Twitter at the same time.

How to scrape medium profiles?

This spice requires you to share the profile URL with the spice and the spice will scrape the details of the specified profile. You can upload a CSV or link a Google sheet if you want to scrape details of multiple profiles from the medium.

Here are the steps to run this spice:

  1. Create a free TexAu account here
  2. Enter the profile URL of the medium profile or upload a CSV or link a Google Sheet if you have multiple profiles to scrape from medium.
  3. Click on “Scrape medium user” to run the automation immediately or click on “Schedule this spice” to run only when required.

Limitations & important points to note

  1. There’s no limit to this spice, however, you will have to keep in mind your daily limit. You can find those details here.

Understanding the whole execution of this spice

Here we will see the steps of the execution & the inputs required for this spice.

The whole execution will play around these 6 input points & the total time to execute this will be less than a minute, depending on the number of medium profiles you want to scrape.

Here’s what each of the input points means:

  1. Medium UID Session cookie: Medium uses this piece of information to ensure it’s really you who’s using the Medium profile.
  2. Medium SID Session cookie: Medium uses this piece of information to ensure it’s really you who’s using the Medium profile.
  3. Profile URL: Enter the profile URL of the medium profile you want to scrape.
  4. Upload CSV or Google Sheet: You can upload a CSV of Google Sheet if you have a lot of Medium profiles to scrape. Be sure to execute this spice with the daily limit in mind. Check your daily limit here. Note: If you’re doing this on the web browser, make sure you have a proxy set up beforehand. If you’re doing the same thing on a desktop, you don’t have to worry about anything. Refer to these guides to learn more about proxies.
  5. Scrape Medium User: Clicking on this button will immediately start the execution.
  6. Schedule this spice: You can choose to schedule this spice to scrape followers from specified profiles.

How to Scrape a medium profile using TexAu?

Step 1: Create TexAu account & authenticate Medium Session cookies

Once your account is set up and you have completed the onboarding, visit the Spice page in the app. TexAu acts on your behalf on Medium to run this automation. TexAu is the safest automation platform on the web, it uses your medium session cookie to authenticate as you to run this automation. We never ask for your login credentials. To make filling session cookies easier, you can use the TexAu Chrome extension. This process only requires 2 clicks.

  1. Download TexAu Extension for Chrome here: TexAu Chrome Extension [Used and loved by over 4000+ customers]
  2. Refresh your automation page and click on the Get Cookie button. If you use our desktop app, you don’t have to worry about proxies.

In case if you are not using Google Chrome, check this guide on how to get cookies manually from your browser. We are working hard to bring our extension to all the major browsers very soon.

Step 2: Upload the CSV or paste Google sheet URL (only if you have multiple medium profiles to scrape)

If you have a CSV, simply upload it from your PC. If you have a Google Sheet, there are some extra steps.

  • First paste the Google sheet’s URL.
  • Either get the session cookie or use our chrome extension to do it with the click of a button. You can also create variables to avoid entering Medium session cookies again & again. Here’s a guide to creating variables on TexAu.
  • Input the column containing the medium profile. Make sure you choose the right one for successful execution.
  • If you have purchased a proxy (you will have to add a proxy to your account) make sure you toggle the option. Furthermore, if you’re executing on a desktop, you don’t have to worry about the proxy.

For the final touch, make sure you have set the sheet as public (as shown below) so the TexAu can access it.


Step 3: Start execution or schedule the automation

Clicking on the Scrape Medium User will immediately start the execution. Unless you have multiple Medium profiles to scrape, it would hardly take a minute to execute this script.

Scheduling the automation will give you additional points to control the execution. You can choose specific days of the week or month, specific times daily. You can even set a specific start & end time of the execution.

The advantage of automating the whole process is that you don’t have to actively sit in front of your PC while TexAu does its job. But make sure you have a proxy if you choose to run the spice on our cloud servers.

Step 4: Download execution results to your local PC

Once you click on Scrape Medium User you will see an execution window at the bottom of your screen, that would look as shown below:


After the execution is completed, you will see the following message in the execution log.


After you see, click on the ‘Result’ button where you can view your results & download the result as a CSV file as shown below.


Note: Alternatively you can download results from the Results menu on the left-hand navigation, just hover over the menu & click on Results as shown below:

That’s all you need to automatically scrape details about a medium profile.

  1. How to use CSV with TexAu Automation
  2. Learn how to use Google Sheet with TexAu Automation
  3. How to schedule a TexAu Automation

In case if you have any questions related to this spice or anything related to TexAU, just drop us a message and we will get back in 10 minutes 🙂