This LinkedIn automation allows you to automate how you add new LinkedIn connections. Make a list of 100s of LinkedIn profiles, click start, and automatically send them connection requests to them on LinkedIn, even when you computer is off!

Automate LinkedIn Connections the right way

TexAu helps you automate your LinkedIn connections thanks to a bunch of useful features:

  • Customized connection message: Writing a note increases your chances of getting your cold connection request accepted. TexAu allows you to make each note unique to each prospect by using dynamically changing the name, company name, and so on.
  • Schedule daily connection amount. Avoid triggering LinkedIn anti-spam features and make sure you can handle all the answers you get by limiting your daily new connections to the optimal amount.
  • Schedule connections. Schedule days and time to send connection requests. For instance, only during office hours or not on weekends. This will make your automated cold sales strategy as natural as possible.
  • Create advanced workflows. Plug other automations before and after this one, and automate your whole sales campaign.

Automate your LinkedIn connections in 3 easy steps

Our solution to auto connect to LinkedIn profiles requires that you create a TexAu account. It will automatically, and from the cloud (no need to leave your computer opened), connect your profile to whatever list of prospects you have.

  1. Create a free TexAu account here.
  2. Select a list of LinkedIn profiles you want to add to your network.
  3. Start the automation (or schedule it for later).

Automate LinkedIn Connections popular use-cases

  1. Gain authority and visibility by growing your network. Having a large LinkedIn network allows you to be taken more seriously by people browsing your profile. A large LinkedIn network also means more people will see your publications, and the algorithm is more likely to promote your content and profile to 2nd-degree connections.
  2. Get access to email addresses. Being connected to another LinkedIn profile gives you access to extra information like your prospect’s email addresses.
  3. Unlock access to prospects’ inboxes. On LinkedIn, only connections can talk via direct message. Reach your prospects over this new channel by auto connecting with them at scale.
  4. Increase odds of prospects’ answering. Build advanced workflows, dynamically customize icebreakers, and schedule follow-ups. Automating LinkedIn connections is just the 1st-step to advanced prospecting strategies.

These are just ideas: LinkedIn Auto Connect is just one brick out of many in your toolbox, and any chain of things you can do manually can be automated with TexAu.

How to find interesting LinkedIn profiles to auto-connect to?

Before you automate your LinkedIn connection requests, you need to find good prospects. Here are 5 ways to find them:

  1. Make a LinkedIn search. Make a targeted LinkedIn search and scrape all the profiles in the results. LinkedIn Profiles Search Scraper can help you automate this extraction.
  2. Connect to people who visited your LinkedIn profile. People visiting your profile are already 1-step down your funnel. They have seen your name and are much more likely to consider what you have to say. Using the LinkedIn Visitors Extractor to collect all those profiles.
  3. Target people who interacted with your content. Follow-up on conversations that you’ve started publicly by talking with the commenters of your posts. LinkedIn Commenters Extractor will scrape that list. If it’s too short, consider also extracting people who’ve liked your LinkedIn post too.
  4. Connect to members of LinkedIn groups. Your target audience is active in LinkedIn groups. These groups are perfect since they gather all the people interested in one specific topic. Find those perfect groups and extract members before you scrape their profiles.
  5. Target LinkedIn courses students. If you’re an educator and want to get in touch with those engaging with existing courses on LinkedIn, scrape the profile URLs of people having liked that course. Your ice-breaker can be as simple as “I noticed you liking such course”, and the list can be extracted with LinkedIn Courses Likers Extractor.

These are just some ideas, but you can automate LinkedIn connections with anyone you have the LinkedIn profile of.



After logging in to your TexAu account and adding this automation to your account, you’ll be facing this setup screen:

  1. Li_AT: It represents the LinkedIn profile with which you’ll perform this automation.
  2. Profile URL: Specify here the URL of the LinkedIn profile to connect with. Most likely, you’ll want to add multiple profiles. In this case, use a .CSV or Google sheet (see below).
  3. Message: Optional. Add a connection request message to greet your new connection.
  4. Upload a CSV or Link a Google Sheet: Use these boxes to upload a list of profiles to send connection requests to. Either upload a .CSV file with profiles’ URLs, or the address of a Google spreadsheet filled with profile URLs (don’t forget to make it public, see FAQ below).
  5. Launch automation: Click on this button to start the automation.
  6. Schedule automation: Schedule this automation to run at a specific time, or to launch multiple times.

If this is your first time using TexAu, we recommend reading the FAQ.


How do I add a new profile?

To connect your LinkedIn profile and perform this automation, you must:

Why would I use Google Sheets?

When you want to export multiple targets without having to change the #2 field every time, you can use a Google spreadsheet URL instead.

To do this, simply put every target URLs you want to target in the first column of the sheet like so:

Then make your Google sheet public. Without it, TexAu won’t be able to access it.

How to schedule my automation to launch multiples times?

Automation is not always welcomed. To avoid being suspended, prefer making many small launches over one big launch.

How to download your results?

After you launch your automation, you’ll see TexAu performing its job in the log section. It will look something like that:

Once the launch is over, click “Download CSV” to download your data to a .CSV spreadsheet.

Download your results by clicking “Download CSV”.

Best practices

Automatically connecting with too many people, too fast, can lead to your LinkedIn account being suspended. Avoiding this is simple: Limit your connection requests to 40 a day. If you have a premium LinkedIn account (Sales Navigator, Recruiters, etc.), this limit increases to 100 a day.

More about LinkedIn rate limits here.

Questions? Reach out to our support, we’ll be happy to assist you!