Anyone who decides to take LinkedIn seriously and get the most out of it will face sooner or later the topic of LinkedIn limitations. Whether you’re adding LinkedIn connections, publishing content, or just designing your profile for optimal visibility, chances are you’ll either hit a limit or not use LinkedIn to its maximum extent.

Before you get started, we need to explain 2 concepts.

Official vs practical limits

Official limits. They are the figures directly given by LinkedIn on their website or help documentation. They are exact limitations.

Practical limits. They are actions that end up being stopped by LinkedIn when doing too many: Connection requests, likes, comments, etc. The max amount you can do is not the same for everyone and depend on the 2 factors we explain below. How did we get those numbers? At TexAu we are experts in social network automation. Our estimates come from our own data, experiences, and users’ feedback. If you’re interested in automating things you do on LinkedIn, check out our LinkedIn automations!

Increase LinkedIn limits: Your activity score

LinkedIn practical limits are based on 2 factors: 

Your subscription status. Free users will be allowed fewer actions than paid accounts. And among them, top-tier subscribers’ limitations (Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite for instance) will be much more permissive than LinkedIn Premium’s users.

Your accounts’ activity score. Also, often called “warmth” of your account, both terms refer to the same idea: Are you active on LinkedIn? LinkedIn will be much more permissive with people using it regularly. To increase your activity score, it’s simple: Post content, comment on other people’s posts, send DMs, complete your profile, and do it consistently.

Main LinkedIn limitations

LinkedIn Connection Limit: 30,000

That’s it, 30,000 is the maximum number of 1st-degree connections you can have on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that “connections” are not “followers”. The max number of LinkedIn followers you can have is unlimited.

LinkedIn Max Followers Limit:

There is no limitation on the number of followers you can have on LinkedIn. Influencers and leaders of opinion tend to have reached their connection limits and therefore will often be able to only have you as a follower. 

LinkedIn Connection Requests Weekly Limit: ~100 (for free users)

Starting last summer, LinkedIn introduced new rules regarding connection request limitations. They are no official figures, but our data and conversations with other LinkedIn automation professionals confirmed our initial intuition: The 100 figure depends on your account’s warmth. LinkedIn users posting content, commenting on posts, chatting in the DMs, and overall being active on the social network will see their connection requests limit being triggered less often than cold, inactive accounts.

LinkedIn Connection Requests Daily Limit: ~20

By scattering your LinkedIn connections over the week, chances are that you’ll be able to invite more people and decrease your chances of hitting the LinkedIn connection requests weekly limit. Even more, if your LinkedIn account is warmed up.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests daily limit: ~200+

Paid users, and Sales Navigator users, in particular, are being granted much higher limitations than free LinkedIn users. The 200+ figure is also to be taken as an estimate. Warmed-up accounts can easily reach 250+ connections per day.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite connection requests daily limit: ~200+

Recruiters are being granted the same limitations as Sales Navigator users.

Other LinkedIn paid accounts daily connection requests limit: ~100

Any Premium LinkedIn account benefits from increased visibility. If you’re a sales professional and need to constantly connect with new people, upgrading your Free plan for a premium plan will significantly impact your productivity.

LinkedIn connection requests character limit: 300 characters

Connect requests are the notes you can optionally add when connecting to someone on LinkedIn. The purpose of these notes is to give a reason for the person to connect with you, not to sell your product or service. For that reason, LinkedIn limits your connect request notes to 300 characters. Keep your copy simple and straight to the point.

LinkedIn Profile limitations

LinkedIn Profile, Headline, and Bio character limits

Always make sure to nail your LinkedIn headline by using all the possible characters.

  • First Name: 50 characters
  • Last Name: 50 characters
  • Additional Name: 50 characters
  • LinkedIn Headline: 220 characters
  • About section: 2600 characters

LinkedIn Skills limitations

LinkedIn Skills are limited to the following amounts:

  • LinkedIn Skills limit: 50 skills max.
  • LinkedIn Skills endorsement limit: Unlimited. (Shows up to 99).

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your LinkedIn Skills, take a look at our best practices guide.

LinkedIn Content limitations

Posts max length: 3000 characters

Posts and comments are also limited in length. Though the length of your post doesn’t have much impact on its performance, make sure to nail the first 200 characters copy.

  • Post character Limit: 3000 characters
  • LinkedIn Post before “see more”: 200 characters
  • LinkedIn Company Post limit: 3000 characters
  • Comment character limit: 1250 characters

LinkedIn Article max length: ~125.000 characters

LinkedIn articles allow for much longer pieces of content than posts. But their limit is not just a sum of characters, but a storage size. Our tests showed the max character length is 125k characters, but that number decreases as you add paragraphs, rich-text elements (titles, lists, etc.), and images. Write accordingly.

LinkedIn Native Video limitations: 15 min

So they are a few differences based on what type of video we’re talking about: 

  • LinkedIn videos uploaded and hosted on LinkedIn: 15 min max
  • Other videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.): No limitations

LinkedIn Live limits: 4 hours

You can host a live event and stream it for up to 4 hours.

LinkedIn Search limits

Search max results: 1000 results

Even if your search results amount to 10 thousand people, LinkedIn will only display 1000 results. If you want to access those 10k results, narrow your search down. If you want to extract search results easily, take a look at our LinkedIn Search Exporter automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search max results: 2500 results

One of the numerous advantages of Sales Nav is that it’ll show you better and longer results. 

LinkedIn Job Ads limit: 1 (for free accounts)

LinkedIn free users can only post 1 job. If you want to have multiple job offers live at the same time, consider purchasing a premium subscription.

Ads limitations

LinkedIn Image and video Ad: 150 characters

LinkedIn Image and video ads are limited in length as follows:

  • Ads title max length: 70 characters
  • Ads text max length: 150 characters

Because of the way they’re designed, LinkedIn carousel text should be kept short, under 45 characters.

LinkedIn InMail limit: 1000 per day

LinkedIn InMails can be bought, or accumulated via your subscription. That doesn’t mean that you can buy 1 million and spam everyone so easily: To prevent mass sending of InMails, LinkedIn limits users to sending up to 1000 InMails a day.

That’s it, folks! What other LinkedIn limits are you curious about? What have we missed? Let us know by reaching out in the chat. We’ll update the article with our answers.