In this guide, we are going to see how to connect with your website visitors on LinkedIn using two simple tools. Everyone is trying hard to write more SEO optimized content and rank higher but are we doing anything to connect with visitors landing on our website? If you’re a SaaS or Agency owner this is a must-read guide for you.

It won’t more than 15 minutes to read and set up the full workflow, I have already done half of the work for you. So let’s get started 🚀

Step 1: How to collect basic data of website visitors

There are many tools that can collect basic visitor data, for this guide, we are going to use Happierleads. You can also check Albacross and Clearbit Reveal as well. Happierleads provides a small snippet that you can add to your website using Google Tags Manager, that’s the only setup required. Let’s go ahead and complete this step.

Total time required: 5 Minutes

  1. Visit and create your account (Note:: You can purchase Happierleads for a $49 one-time fee here – Happierleads on AppSumo)
  2. Click on Add your website and enter the URL of your website.
Add your website

3. Copy the code snippet and go to Google Tags Manager

4. Click on Tags, then New Tag, select Custom HTML with Triggering on All Pages, and save it. Make sure to publish this update and you’re done.

Add script to Gtag Happierleads and TexAu

5. Come back to Happierleads and click on verify, it should take a few minutes and your website will be verified.

Site Verified TexAu Happierleads

This completes our first step of adding Happierleads on our website to start collecting leads. Happierleads give you basic company data and now we can use TexAu to further enrich the data, set up a campaign to connect with potential leads on LinkedIn. Let’s move to step 2.

Step 2: Creating a workflow on TexAu using Webhooks For Happierleads

TexAu is Growth Automation and data enrichment platform. TexAu automates all the manual work for sales and marketing teams and brings the right data to grow your business. Let’s see how to connect with visitor leads on LinkedIn or enrich the company data to target them better.

Happierleads provides us LinkedIn Company Name, Company Name, Employee size, Location, Page visitor viewed, Alexa Ranking, and a few contacts at that company – if it’s available. We can use make use of this data to do the following things.

  1. Using Company Domain, we can extract emails present on the website
  2. We can get all the meta tags of the website
  3. We can find social media pages, get Facebook page ID, and then find whether the company is running any ads (Useful for Marketing Agencies)
  4. Find 5-6 employees at this company on LinkedIn with specific titles and connect with them on LinkedIn.

I have already created workflows for each, you can find them at the end of this article. We are going to see how to connect with targeted employees from the companies who are visiting our website in this tutorial.

Here is how the workflow will work:

As you can see in the image above,

  1. Happierleads will send the data to TexAu using Webhooks

TexAu will start running the workflow with the following steps,

  1. Get the domain of the company and extract all the social media links from the website
  2. Extract emails present on the website
  3. Find the company on LinkedIn using the legalname field provided by Happierleads
  4. Find the employees working at this company with matching tiles such as Marketing, Sales, Managaer depending on who you want to connect with. For example, if you are a software Development firm, connect with a CTO or Product Manager is more ideal.
  5. Once you’re connected you can set up a Drip Follow-ups or simply show them the content you write and services you provide by constantly writing about it on LinkedIn —— this will always help you in the long run.

It’s time to build this Recipe. You can check the Recipe (Workflow) here:

Here is the how the Recipe looks like, you can easily understand the importance of each step.

Happierleads TexAu Recipe

Let’s see how to run this workflow and set up this to run every time a new lead is found on Happierleads.

Step 3: Test and setup this workflow to run automatically

  1. To test this workflow (Recipe) we need to generate and add our webhook on Happierleads. To generate Webhook, go back to the TexAu Recipes page and click on the Settings icon and then select “Setup Webhook”.
Setup Webhook Happierleads TexAu Recipe

Click on Copy Webhook Address and also activate Listening.

Copy Webhook Address Happierleads TexAu
  1. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it on Happierleads
Add Webhook on Happierleads TexAu
  1. Come back to TexAu and click on “Start Listening”.
  2. TexAu will start listening to that Webhook endpoint. As soon as it receives some data, it will determine the Response data structure automatically.
Determine Data structure

Now we have completed our Recipe set up and you can map all the data you’re getting from Happierleads to TexAu Recipe inputs. I have already mapped the input for this Recipe already but you can customize everything as per your needs.

Step 4: Running workflow to find target employees from our visitor companies

To run the workflow, click on Save and then Run the button to start the Recipe. It will actively start listening to any data that Happierleads will send and trigger the Recipe.

Check the video on how the Recipe is set up and how it works.

This workflow will run every time a new visitor data is received from Happierleads. You don’t need to do anything. It will send connection requests to potential leads from that company automatically, as shown in the image below.

Send connection requests Happierleads TexAu

It sent a connection request to someone who is working at Google, now you may want to only target companies or profiles from a specific location or based on the company size. In the next guide, I will be discussing how you can add filters in the workflows by showing you 3 different workflows on LinkedIn for lead generation 😉 Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this guide 🙏

Let’s see what modifications you can make to enrich the data of your visitors just by using the domain.

Step 5: 5 Ways to Enrich the data of your website visitors

We know for sure that if you’re using Happierleads or Albacross or any tool that reveals website visitor details, the least that they provide is going to be the company domain. Using the company domain you can enrich the data and get all the details related to the company. Which includes:

  1. Company name and all the meta tags (Which gives a general idea about the company):
  2. Social Media links present on the website — Later you can scrape the profiles from Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get all the details on followings, likes, posts, About page and company location:
  3. Check the company size by finding the LinkedIn Company page and the employees count:
  4. Extract emails present on the website — you can pass this email directly to your favorite cold outreach platform:
  5. Check the Technologies used by the company on the website – useful for Software Consulting firms:

You can use these automations as a single step or you can even combine all of these Spices together to make a workflow like this.

Domain Enrichment Recipe TexAu

So this was all about connecting with your website visitors on LinkedIn and ways to enrich the domain data.

Well, we have something coming to expand this further. 📣 TexAu Drip Campaigns, so now not just you can connect with your visitors but also set up a Drip Campaign with follow-ups to enrich and convert them into your potential customers. Here is a sneak peek of this new upcoming feature.

TexAu Drip Campaigns Feature
TexAu Drip Campaigns

In the next guide, we will see how to add filters and find the ideal companies to target with LinkedIn Drip Campaigns. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a new blog post on lead generation and scaling your agency, every Thursday.

Thank you!

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