In this article, I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide to find targeted profiles from a list of companies. All you need is a CSV or Google sheet and at the end, you will get LinkedIn profile URLs, Basic profile data and, email addresses.

This is the first post of our Ultimate lead generation series. In this post, we will be seeing how we can find LinkedIn profiles (+ with emails) with specific titles or roles at any company or a set of companies.

Before we start discussing the solution to Let’s define the problem first.

Oh! Make sure to read till the end to understand the process and we have something for you at the end of the article 👀 🎉


I run a marketing agency or manage a Saas Product and I want to find all the Co-Founders, Owners, VPs, and Managers working at these companies. What I have?

  • I have a CSV or simply the list of target companies in a Google Sheet

What I need at the end?

I need the following details at the end:

  • LinkedIn Profile URLs
  • Email
  • Basic LinkedIn Profile data
  • Company LinkedIn page

There are two ways to do this, manually finding all the profiles using some tricks or, using an automation platform. We will be showing you how to do this using automation tools since manual work may take days to complete this progress. With automation, you can do complete this work and get all profile data in just a few minutes.

Ok, now we have the problem and what we need at the end. Let’s see step by step process to get this data. We will be using TexAu Automations (a.k.a Spices) to achieve this. In case if you don’t know about TexAu, TexAu is a growth automation platform to scale businesses faster. TexAu brings the right data for your business from the web.

Step 1: Finding LinkedIn company page from a company name

As mentioned in the problem, currently we only have company names so the very thing that we need to do is find LinkedIn company pages using the names. Once we have the LinkedIn company page we can find the employees at the company.

As you can see in the image below.

To find LinkedIn company pages from the company name, we are going to use this automation: Find A LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Go to this URL:
  2. Click on CSV or Google Sheet button [Depends on where you have stored the company names]
  3. If you have the first row as headers, check the box for headers.
  4. Click “Execute CSV”
  5. Wait for a few minutes and TexAu will send a notification to view and download the results.

This will give us LinkedIn Company page URLs in the output.

Find LinkedIn Company Page

In the next step, we are going to find employees with specific roles at these companies.

Step 2: Extract employees with specific roles from LinkedIn

Using the LinkedIn company pages we received from step 1, we are now going to find the employees with specific roles. To do this, we will use Linkedin Company Employee Extractor automation on TexAu. It takes the company page URL as an input and you can mention the roles or job titles at these companies, TexAu checks for provided titles and return the profiles as output.

To run LinkedIn Company Employee Extractor, use this automation: Extract Any Company Employees on LinkedIn

  1. Download TexAu Chrome Extension:
  2. Go to this page:
  3. Click on CSV upload
  4. Upload the CSV you downloaded from step 1 👆🏻
  5. Write job titles you’re looking for, it can be, marketing manager, Co-Founder, Owner, CEO, CMO , etc. Roles must be separated by commas.
  6. You will need a cookie for this Spice. Click on the “Get Cookie” button and it will fill the cookie.
  7. Click “Execute CSV” and wait for a few minutes.
  8. Your results will be available on Results in 5-6 minutes depending on how many companies you have added to your CSV.
  9. Download CSV of this automation.

So in this step, we will get the targeted LinkedIn Profiles, and now we just need to find their emails. To do this, let’s move to the next step.


To find LinkedIn company employees with specific job titles manually, there is a hidden trick on LinkedIn that you can use, if you want to learn that trick, please shoot me a message on LinkedIn and I will share the URL with you.

This is the output you will get from LinkedIn Company Employee Extractor

Step 3: Find emails using LinkedIn Profile

TexAu makes it easier to find emails directly from the LinkedIn profile. TexAu pulls the basic profile data to find emails, you will get 100% deliverable emails from TexAu. To do this task, we are going to use “Find Email using LinkedIn Profile”. Let’s see how to do this step.

To find emails from the LinkedIn profile, use this automation: Find Email using LinkedIn profile

  1. Visit “Find Email using LinkedIn Profile” automation:
  2. Click on CSV Upload
  3. Upload the CSV you downloaded from step 2
  4. Click on execute CSV
  5. Wait for a few minutes and it will return all the emails it can find of these profiles.

So, after completing all three steps you will get LinkedIn Profile URLs, Email, Company page links, our initial problem has been solved. 🎉

This is the end result we will get from all these steps.


Let’s see a few bonus steps that we can do to scale this further.

Bonus Step 1: Send more personalized emails with the right data

It is very important to send targeted emails to generate more leads, avoid Spams and increase open rates. We can only send targeted emails when we have more data about the company and the person. In this case, to get more details about any particular employee and company, we can use two more automations and get additional data to write better emails.

Scrape LinkedIn Profile:

You can scrape LinkedIn profile to get all the profile data which includes description, role, status, location, past roles, companies, endorsements, profiles, or company the user is following.

To scrape any LinkedIn profile, use this automation: Scrape A LinkedIn Profile

Scrape a LinkedIn company page:

You can scrape the LinkedIn company page data to get company size, total employees, total open roles, about us page data, and more.

To scrape a LinkedIn company page, use this automation: Scrape A LinkedIn Company Page

Bonus Step 2: Send personalized emails with images

You can use Hyperise to send personalized images to your leads. This will make your email feel more personalized and users may this as an extra work that you did before you reached out. Trust me, this works well.

Hyperise has a great set of library of images that you can use to personalize the images using first name, last name, company name, or other data.

In case if you would like to start a trial with Hyperise, signup using this link. This will give you a 20% discount on monthly subscriptions 🙂

Hyperise has already written an in-depth guide on how you can use TexAu and Hyperise to personalize and automate demand generation. Check this guide on Hyperise: TexAu Integration with Hyperise.

The Ultimate bonus 🎉

What if we can do all these steps just in one single workflow? Wouldn’t it be cool and very time-saving for us?

Yes, TexAu allows you to create complex workflows using the social media automations that we have. TexAu runs on the cloud so it’s totally safe, we do not recommend using any LinkedIn extension for any kind of automation on LinkedIn since LinkedIn has started checking installed extensions in your browser and it can trigger warnings or disable your account.

We will be also releasing the TexAu desktop run, which runs right inside your computer that will improve our security and keep everything safe. TexAu is the safest automation platform for generating leads on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

We have created a Recipe for you to simply add it to your account, fill in the data and run it. It will take just a few minutes to set up and run it. Start and keep it running, you will receive an email once it is completed.

Try Ultimate Lead Generation Recipe here: Ultimate Lead Generation Recipe for LinkedIn

You only need a CSV file with a list of companies, pass it to this Recipe, connect your Google account and it will update your Google Sheet with all the data 🎉


This was a bit long but interesting, wasn’t it? Good news. We completed the whole guide and you’ve made it to the end. Let’s summarize the whole guide quickly with the steps we have taken so far to generate ultimate leads with emails.

  1. Prepared a list of CSV with company names we want to target
  2. Scrapped LinkedIn Company Pages using company names
  3. Scrapped Company working at companies using LinkedIn Company page data
  4. Used the LinkedIn profiles to find the emails
  5. Used TexAu to automate everything in one step using Workflows aka TexAu Recipes.

Please share this with your friends and share the steps to find generated leads. Thank you in advance! ❤️

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