Are you lacking the time and energy needed for prospecting new leads on LinkedIn?

It was projected in 2020 that more than half of marketers in the United States will use LinkedIn in the year 2021.

Source: eMarketer

If you are a business owner or head of a sales and marketing team, you should know by now how important LinkedIn is to your business’ growth.

LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with professionals in any field. You can use it to meet your business goals by leveraging it for lead generation and conversion.

But to do these, you will have to carry out a lot of time-consuming and mundane tasks or activities.

Do you have the time and energy required for this?

It is difficult to meet up without finding a way to automate some of these processes.

LinkedIn marketing automation involves using tools like TexAu to automate tasks and activities you would have done manually.

What do you need to automate your LinkedIn?

You need the best LinkedIn automation tools.

We’ll delve into what these tools are shortly, but first, here’s a quick outline:

  • LinkedIn automation tools: What are they?
  • Our top 10 LinkedIn automation tools for 2022

LinkedIn Automation Tools: What Are They?

LinkedIn automation tools are software specially designed to mimic human behavior on LinkedIn. They save you time by carrying out activities you would have otherwise done by yourself.

Despite the LinkedIn automation tools restriction, there are still a lot of these tools out there. All you need to do is find the right one.


Leveraging the right LinkedIn automation tools for your brand will go a long way in making your work easier and faster.

Our Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2022

LinkedIn message automation tools are crucial to the success of your LinkedIn campaigns. There are so many of these tools in the market to choose from but not all of them are safe to use on LinkedIn.

NOTE: Cloud tools are much more safe compared to Chrome extensions. We do not recommend using Chrome Extensions as LinkedIn has banned over 100+ Chrome extensions, see the full list here:

So, what are acceptable automation tools on LinkedIn?

We’ll be looking at 10 of the best LinkedIn automation tools you can easily lay your hands on. Comparing LinkedIn automation tools, however, can be quite tricky because most of them offer similar features.

Let’s take a look at our 10 favorites:

1. TexAu – Cloud Platform for data extraction and automation

Are you looking for a way to automate your growth strategy without landing in LinkedIn jail?

Account Safety: 100% Safe.

TexAu is the leading tool for automating your business’ growth strategy on over 10 websites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, and Twitter. It is equipped with more than 180 powerful automation that will ensure the automation of all your activities on the website.

TexAu Website

TexAu is the only tool that allows you to build complex workflows on social media platforms through a simple drag-and-drop workflow builder. For example, you can find someone on LinkedIn, Send a LinkedIn Connection Request and then a series of messages until you get a reply, this all steps can be achieved by creating a simple workflow. TexAu calls it “Recipes”, you can check all the public Recipes here:

If you are looking for a quick way to overtake your competition and even get way ahead of them on LinkedIn, the TexAu app is the best tool to use.

In addition to automating all your work on the site, this alternative to Phantombuster can generate new leads using data it extracts from different LinkedIn profiles and easily contacts them. Automations done using this tool are faster, more efficient, and safe. You can also create custom workflows for your business.

The TexAu app comes with a lot of amazing features, which it refers to as “LinkedIn Spices”.

  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Sender helps to automate the process of sending InMails to different profiles listed on the Sales Navigator,
  • the LinkedIn Profile Activities Extractor helps to extract likes, comments, or posts from your LinkedIn users.

There are features for extracting profiles, conversations, saved leads, and profiles of group members. Additional features include auto endorsement of skills, removing connections, auto comment liker, message sender, Sales Navigator URL converter into a regular LinkedIn URL, company page finder, profile scraper, and lots more.

There are in total 40+ automation for LinkedIn alone.


As soon as you create a new TexAu account, you will be enrolled in TexAu’s 2-week free trial with access to all premium features, which include access to all the spices and recipes, 50 Email enrichments, automation time for both Cloud and Desktop, and ability to run multiple automation and workflows at the same time.

Afterward, you can upgrade to any of these plans, which you can cancel at any time:

  • Cloud Starter: The Cloud Starter costs $290 yearly with access to 1.5 hours of execution time per day, 20 email enrichments per day, 1GB free storage, 5 automation at a time, over 180 automation libraries, the TexAu desktop app, and lots more.
  • Cloud Growth: For more access, try Cloud Growth for $790 per year. You’ll get access to 4 hours of execution time daily, 40 email enrichments, 12GB file storage, 10 automation at a time, 180+ automation library, the TexAu desktop app, and many other features and integrations.
  • Cloud Agency: With the Cloud Agency, you will be billed $1990 yearly. Access is guaranteed for 25 automation at a time, 100 email enrichments daily, 10 hours daily execution time, 25GB file storage, 180+ automation libraries, TexAu desktop app, and so much more.

2. Expandi

Account Safety: 100% Safe.

Another LinkedIn automation tool you should get your hands on is Expandi. This tool is quite popular because of its outstanding features and user-friendliness. B2B sales and marketing teams, SaaS, and small businesses can benefit from this LinkedIn tool.

Expandi Website

With this super convenient tool, you can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, grow your customer base, and switch accounts easily. The dashboard is very user-friendly and account management works efficiently.

Expandi automation tool features a smart inbox for boosting customer engagement and managing your inbox.

Using its webhooks feature, you can easily link Expandi with another LinkedIn lead generation or marketing tool to achieve a solid omnichannel approach alongside hyper-personalization.


Expandi comes with a 1-week free trial, while there is an option for a monthly subscription of $99.

3. Phantombuster

Account Safety: 80%

Phantombuster, as the name implies, uses phantoms to automate most of your actions on LinkedIn and even extract data. This code-free bot is great for generating leads, automating growth, and scheduling tasks, and boosting your LinkedIn network.

Source: Phantombuster

Although this automation tool works best in collaboration with another LinkedIn automation tool, its features will help to speed up different processes like data extraction and ultimately give you an advantage over your competitors.


If you are not sure about this tool, you can use its free trial before you consider upgrading to any other package. Phantombuster’s can cost between $0 and $900, depending on your specific requirements.

4. Dux-Soup

Account Safety: 60%

Dux-Soup LinkedIn automation tool, allows you to automatically endorse skills, send out personalized messages, view new prospects, follow desired LinkedIn activities, and manage leads effectively.

Dux Soup

One of the best features of Dux-Soup is its ability to automatically compile profiles of interest in a CSV file. It captures names, locations, phone numbers, professions, and other data anonymously by browsing their profiles. This helps to save time and make you more productive.

Dux-Soup has a simple chrome extension you can easily download and use.

With this tool, you can keep track of your profile visits, add media to your messages, and even use notes and tags. It is also easy to set drip campaigns to allow you to focus on your responsive prospects. A visual dashboard shows you results such as new leads, profile visits, conversion rates, and connections accepted.


Dux-Soup has a free trial offering 100 free emails per day as well as some other features. Subscription starts at $11.25 per month.

5. We-connect

Account Safety: 70%

We-connect is an LinkedIn automation tool for SaaS, sales and marketing teams, and anyone who wants to grow a professional network on LinkedIn.

In addition to growing your network, it has a lot of amazing features aimed at helping you to prospect, nurture new leads, and increase conversions. The powerful campaign manager, easy user management, smart reply management, and advanced reporting tool all combine to make this tool worth having.

With We-connect, it is easy to find your target audience, remove pending invitations, and segment contacts. The user interface is well designed and user-friendly too.


We-connect pricing starts at $49 per month for each user.

6. LinkedHelper

Account Safety: 60%

LinkedHelper automation tool is well known for its versatility when it comes to automating your LinkedIn activities.

This very user-friendly tool boasts unparalleled integration capabilities which it leverages to create hyper-personalized campaigns.

LinkedHelper boosts your LinkedIn lead generation by automating your outreach campaigns and giving you templates that are easy to customize.  Targeting is also improved by exporting contacts’ CSV files into the automation tool.


Pricing for LinkedHelper ranges from $8.25 per month to $15 per month.

7. Octopus CRM

Account Safety: 70%

Octopus CRM is a powerful yet inexpensive LinkedIn automation tool that comes in handy when you want to automate processes like viewing profiles, sending bulk connection requests and personalized messages, endorsing skills, building your own marketing funnel, and so much more.

With Octopus CRM, you get access to relevant statistics that allow you to easily monitor the performance of your outreach campaign. Since this tool is compatible with all types of LinkedIn accounts, you can control your Linkedin activities and easily carry out networking and prospecting.


Octopus CRM offers four pricing packages. You can get the starter package at $6.99 monthly, the pro package at $9.99 monthly, the advanced package at $14.99 monthly, and the unlimited package at $24.9 monthly if you pay annually.

8.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Account Safety: 110%

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent LinkedIn automation tool with its own set of advanced features for finding relevant prospects.

After providing you with relevant lead recommendations, this tool helps to automatically save any leads you reach out to, log your sales activities, add customized notes, and also connect to your CRM.

In addition to CRM integration, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers advanced filtering among others.

B2B sales professionals who are already quite conversant with LinkedIn can leverage this tool’s features for boosting their productivity, increasing leads, and enhancing results.


Although the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is quite pricey, it offers a 1-month free trial that you can withdraw from whenever you feel like it. Other pricing options include a $64.99 monthly package for professional users, a $103.33 monthly package for team users, and an Enterprise package that you can customize based on your needs.

9. Zopto

Account Safety: 80%

Zopto is another LinkedIn automation tool mainly used by beginners and sales teams for improving their outreach and lead generation efforts.

To help your business find ideal customers, Zopto features customer filtering that filters by location, company size, industry, title, etc. Managing different levels of engagement is easy using features like message sequences, connection invites, free InMails, and so much more.

You can manage your leads on your live dashboard and get detailed information on your LinkedIn campaign.


Zopto offers three plans; Personal goes for $215 per month, Grow costs $395 per month, while Agency costs $895 per month.

10. MeetAlfred

Account Safety: 60%

MeetAlfred LinkedIn automation tool, formerly referred to as Leonard, is another excellent tool for end-to-end social selling campaigns. Its features provide support in terms of automating outreach sequences, building LinkedIn campaigns, and team management.

By leveraging its built-in CRM, sales reps and marketing teams can drive more engagement and better manage conversions.

Offering a little of everything, some would refer to MeetAlfred as a jack-of-all-trades kind of tool. You will have access to real-life analytics on the dashboard as you use the tool. These analytics will help you to monitor the progress of your campaign and give you more insights.

MeetAlfred allows you to manage campaigns by creating and running message sequences on LinkedIn. You can even add personalization tags and set action limits.

The tool also features email campaign sequences that help you to connect with prospects through email.


MeetAlfred offers an Essential package at $29 per month, Advanced is $59 per month, and a Professional package is $119 per month.

Which Tool is the Overall Best?

Irrespective of your preferred LinkedIn automation tools, you are unlikely to meet your LinkedIn goals if you do not go about LinkedIn messaging the correct way. To avoid getting banned by LinkedIn, you need to connect with relevant, legitimate contacts and send out personalized messages.

If you want a LinkedIn automation tool that will offer you value for your money and keep you out of LinkedIn jail, we recommend the TexAu LinkedIn automation tool. Once you’ve set it up, you can connect with the right people, boost your lead generation, and increase conversions. Get it here.