Why would you need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator when most of the LinkedIn information is out there for free? Good question, and one that even LinkedIn struggled to answer for many years. But with Sales Navigator topping $1B in revenue in 2021, it’s safe to say LinkedIn has finally found the right recipe. Let’s study LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing and find out which one you need. 

Another question is, why TexAu, a LinkedIn automation tool, would recommend using the paid version of LinkedIn? Well, we’re going to answer that too, and show you that combining TexAu + LinkedIn Sales Navigator is arguably the most efficient way to develop your social presence (and sales) in 2022.

First, let’s have a look at what LinkedIn Sales Navigator has to offer. We won’t be talking in this article about the other plans – Recruiter, Business, and Career – which are also interesting coupled with TexAu, but not focused on sales.

Sales Navigator Plans Pricing Overview

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer consists in 3 sub-plans: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. 

Sales Navigator Core. Starts at $99.99 (or 99.99€ in Europe) per user and per month.

Sales Navigator Advanced. Starts at $159.99 (or 159.99€ in Europe) per user and per month.

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus. Pricing varies on your company’s size and needs.

Yearly discount for LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans: 25%

Whatever your goals are, success on LinkedIn compounds over time. For that reason, LinkedIn offers a generous 25% discount on its monthly price if you opt for yearly billing.

Other LinkedIn Sales Navigator discounts

LinkedIn also offers a variety of discounts for ex-customers wishing to subscribe again. The flexibility this offers is enjoyable for small business owners and professionals who might not have a full-time need of LinkedIn and pause their subscription for a few months at a time.

Sales Navigator Core Plan Pricing and Overview

The Core package contains the feature most sales professionals require: Unlimited advanced searches. Where LinkedIn Standard Free Plan only allows for basic searches with basic filters, and a maximum of 1000 displayed results, Sales Navigator Core Plan will empower you with much more granular searches and access to up to 2500 results per search. 

On top of that, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Plan also offers:

  • Lists & Alerts. What would be Spotify without a playlist feature? That’s what lists are for your prospects. Build lists of prospects, add them one by one or in batches, keep track of changes in their situation, and never miss the perfect time to reach out to your prospects.
  • People visiting your profile. Quench your curiosity and finally see the names of those who visited your profiles (in the last 90 days).
  • 50 InMails. InMails are how LinkedIn closes the gap between open DM inbox, and private emails. InMails are special DMs that will be noticed by their recipients without giving you access to their email directly. Their limited amount keeps people from mass-sending InMails – as they would with emails – and preserve the quality of exchanges. No plans grant you more than 50 InMails per user. 
  • And more. SNAP, Outlook web integration, Sales Navigator mobile app, Notes,

Sales Navigator Advanced Plan

If LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core’s pricing targets small business owners or salespeople, LinkedIn Advanced Plan is meant for bigger companies and teams. Its features are all focused on Team usage, whether that be for information sharing, integrating with your company’s tech stack, or reporting. Let’s take a look at the features that come on top of everything in the Sales Navigator Core plan:

  • TeamLink. There’s this idea that we’re all 6 degrees of connection away from any single human being in the world. LinkedIn TeamLink does exactly that: Give you direct access to every connection of everyone in your company. The feature is extremely powerful to compound the value of working as a sales team on LinkedIn.
  • SmartLinks. Like Google Analytics for a website, SmartLinks give you detailed data on how your prospects use the content you share on LinkedIn. This data is very precious to your marketing team to craft better, more efficient sales materials.
  • Reporting. Most likely meant for sales unit managers, the reporting feature shows how active a team member was over the last period regarding “activity”. Activity includes any action undertaken on the social network (clicks, DMs, reactions, comments, publications, etc.).
  • More Enterprise features. Centralized billing, SSO authentication, centralized billing, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried to make an appointment with a LinkedIn sales rep to write this article as I should have. That being said, I’m pretty sure the call would have been centered around how LinkedIn Sales Nav is compatible with bigger companies, how it integrates perfectly with any (Windows-centric) ERP, and probably a discounted price based on the company size.

According to the official page, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus pricing includes on top of all the above features, the following:

  • CRM Sync. Auto-Save, Activity Writeback, & ROI Reporting for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Advanced CRM integrations. Data Validation & Contact Creation for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

The Secret Feature LinkedIn Can’t Tell You About

Automation tools such as TexAu are already allowing you to 10x your efficiency on LinkedIn. They do so by helping you extract your search results, exporting data from LinkedIn to your CRM, automating sending connection requests or DMs, and much more. 

But LinkedIn has gotten good at monitoring users’ behavior and restricts usage when your account reaches more than an undisclosed number of “activities” over an undisclosed period of time (read more about rate limits here).

By purchasing a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account – and kind of any premium plan for that matter – that glass ceiling of limitations is basically blown away. TexAu users who could not connect with or send DMs to more than a few tens of people a day would instantly be enabled to send hundreds of them. The same goes for searches, profile visits, and email extraction.

LinkedIn can’t tell you about this because automation, data extraction, and personal data are sensitive topics than can neither be stopped nor officially promoted. That’s why here at TexAu we encourage the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator automation and keep working hard at releasing and maintaining new LinkedIn Sales Navigator automation on a regular basis.