Do you want to generate more leads for your business through LinkedIn? Write an engaging LinkedIn headline that will bring more visibility to your profile. Are you looking to find more ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile and attract more potential clients?

If you answered yes to the questions above, this post is for you. There are also more than 774 million users on LinkedIn, which means it’s the best platform to build your professional networking and improve your sales potential. Furthermore, you can even use the network of intellectuals to build a brand.

Research by HubSpot also found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective than other social media for lead generation.

Source: HubSpot

But that massive number also means there is a lot of competition that you’ll have to beat.

There are many methods that you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile quality to gain more attention – and, therefore, close sales. 

One of the most effective ways to gain more visibility and attention to your LinkedIn profile is LinkedIn headlines.

But more often than not, most LinkedIn users are unsure what to include in their headlines other than their current position.

If that is also your problem, then this article is for you.

This article will teach you how to write LinkedIn headlines and show you the top 20 LinkedIn headline examples you can use as inspiration.

Here’s a quick outline of what you will learn from this article:

  • What are LinkedIn headlines, and why should you care?
  • What to write in your Linkedin headlines
  • LinkedIn headline formulas
  • Best 20 LinkedIn headline examples from top influencers

Note: This article is a complete guide to optimize your LinkedIn headline to get more visibility and generate more leads organically.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are LinkedIn Headlines & Why Should You Care?

LinkedIn headlines summarize your profile where you can write a 120-character description about yourself as a professional. Headlines appear below your profile’s name in timelines and search results. 

You could leverage the headline’s prominent positioning to write a short and enticing description about your business or your values in the professional field.

LinkedIn automatically generates your headline based on your current position, but it often results in a headline that looks like this:

There is nothing wrong with a simple headline that shows your current position. But there is also not much potential in terms of gaining more visibility to your profile.

Why should you customize your LinkedIn headlines?

Other than underutilizing the 120-character limit that LinkedIn provides, there are several other drawbacks from using a simple auto-generated headline:

  • You lose the potential to show up in more search queries.
  • Maybe, you do not have an enticing headline.
  • You cannot attract potential clients to visit your profile.

While you are not losing clients with such headlines, you are losing the potential to get more leads to visit your profile.

Your LinkedIn headlines also contribute to how often your profile shows up in search results along with other factors such as work history, location, and current position. 

Take a look at this search result for “content marketer.” Out of 10 profiles that showed up on the first page, 9 have the words “content” and “marketer” in their headlines. This search result indicates the significance of using keywords in your LinkedIn headline.

Customizing your headline means you can show up in specific search queries that can improve your profile’s visibility – which means you are one step closer to getting more leads.

What to Write in Your LinkedIn Headline

Great, now you’ve understood what a LinkedIn headline is and what its functions are. 

Now it’s time to jot down some ideas to make your LinkedIn profile more exciting and get more clients from it.

But if your current job alone is not enough, what should you write in your LinkedIn headlines?

You should provide your current position in your headline, but several other details could make it more enticing:

  • Position
  • Target audience/industry
  • Professional achievements
  • Past employments
  • Value proposition
  • Personal values

Let’s say you are looking for external help with your copywriting for your newly launched SaaS company. 

Ideally, you would want to hire a top-tier copywriter who can get the job done. Which one do you think you would be more interested in as a candidate:


There is a good chance that you would contact the second profile, do you agree?

The second profile shows a clear message that contains three core aspects of enticing LinkedIn headlines:

  • Position/job (copywriting)
  • Target audience (creative companies)
  • Value proposition (connect with your audience with a clear message)

While being creative is undoubtedly not off-limits, you should keep in mind that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals

Writing an overly creative headline that doesn’t resemble your professional capabilities will not do any good. But on the flip side, simply providing your job title won’t be enough to attract potential clients.

LinkedIn Headline Formulas

Your LinkedIn headline should only summarize who you are as a professional, not provide details about your work history – leave the details in the experience section.

Use these formulas to help you craft better LinkedIn headlines:

Job title: Helping X achieve Y with Z

In this scenario, X refers to your ideal prospect in this scenario, and Y is the perfect outcome that they can get after hiring your service or buying your product.

A simple and to the point headline with this formula would be something like this:

Growth hacker. Helping tech startups grow with LinkedIn Automation.

It always helps to be brief and to the point because you only get a 120 character limit. 

This formula could help you write the best LinkedIn headlines for sales professionals because it offers a clear value proposition without too many bells and whistles.

Pattern Interruption Format

A pattern interruption format is the best LinkedIn profile headlines formula to showcase your positions, achievements, and value propositions.

This formula is popular among top-tier entrepreneurs and influencers with a ton of experience in their pockets to enhance their profile.

Here’s what a pattern interruption format typically looks like.

There are several ways to interrupt the pattern in your LinkedIn headlines. You can use punctuations like a comma, period, or vertical bar (|) to separate different details about yourself. 

Tips on Writing the Best LinkedIn Headlines for Sales

Now, are you ready to write your LinkedIn headlines to get more visibility to your profile?

If you are not sure how to start writing your headline, use these pro tips to write a compelling LinkedIn headline.

1. Use your audience language

Using technical abbreviations like CRO and CX might make your profile look more professional to others who work in the same industry. But your prospects typically have no idea what these technical terms mean – that’s why they are looking for professional help.

Instead of using technical terms, speak your prospect’s language and offer a solution that can help them overcome their problems.

2. Include unique selling points

Simply calling yourself an expert will not help you close more sales. If anything, it could mean that you don’t have anything else to offer other than your job title.

Entice potential clients with unique selling points that make your profile or product stand out from others. 

3. Get to the point

Avoid using hyperbole and over-the-top statements that can make your claim less believable. These are the most common buzzwords that can impact your LinkedIn headlines negatively:

  • Top-performing
  • Hard-working
  • Capable
  • Top-notch
  • Best

Instead of complimenting yourself, use your LinkedIn headline to tell others about relevant information such as achievements, statistics, and value proposition.

The Best 20 LinkedIn Headline Examples from Real Professionals

1. Shama Hyder

This headline uses the pattern interruption formula that highlights the current position and relevant achievements. This type of LinkedIn headline is highly tailored to build its owner’s personal branding in the professional world.

2. Terry Schilling

The second example of LinkedIn headline here showcases his profession and what value he brings for his clients. Using result-oriented words like “connect with your audience” highlights the goal that clients can achieve with his help instead of boasting about his skills.

3. Kaleena Stroud

Kaleena’s short but targeted headline showcases another strong contender for the best LinkedIn headlines for sales. It shows what type of clients she works with, how she can help them, and her clients’ deliverables.

4. Sujan Patel

Our following example in the best LinkedIn headlines for sales uses the pattern interruption formula with vertical bars to divide each relevant information about Sujan. By diversifying the keywords in his headline, Sujan’s profile will likely appear in more search results and bring more visibility to his profile.

5. Dan Schawbel

Dan does not showcase too much information about himself, but the nature of his achievement leaves an information gap that will get other users’ curiosity.

What book did he write to become a best-selling author? What industry does Workplace Intelligence operate in? – those two questions will lead to more people visiting his profile to find the answer.

6. Dave Kerpen

This is another prime example of the best LinkedIn headline for sales. Dave’s headline showcases his profession and achievements to attract event organizers and businesses to hire him for his insights. 

7. Brian Solis

Brian is not holding back with his achievement showcase. Using words like “Global Innovation Evangelist” to describe his position shines a positive light on his skills as a professional. His achievements as best selling author and interest in digital anthropology also adds some personal branding to his profile.

8. Sorav Jain

This example combines services he offers and relevant achievements for Sorav’s personal brand to convince his audience of his skills.

Adding a touch of call to action at the end also resonates well with generating high-quality leads through his LinkedIn profile. It is one of the best implementations of LinkedIn headlines for sales professionals.

9. Daniel Doan

Daniel’s headline is one of the more sales-oriented among other examples in this list. He offers a personalized brand to his copywriting style, getting people’s interest to learn more about what he has to offer.

10. Stefan Georgi

Stefan starts strong with a direct sales figure as a result of his work. This type of LinkedIn headline is great for sales professionals. 

There are two reactions that this headline can generate: “how did he do it?” or “can he do it for my business?” – either of which will drive more people to visit Stefan’s profile.

11. Austin Henline

This example showcases one of the best Linkedin headlines for sales professionals. Besides attaching his current position, he describes what he does, his achievements, and a unique selling point by offering a free profile review every day.

12. Matt Loggins

Matt’s headline is yet another excellent example of the best Linkedin headlines that can drive sales and close clients. He provides detailed information about his service, the results, and how he achieved them.

13. Daria Samokish

Daria is the PR head of Ahrefs – and she rightfully includes that position in her LinkedIn headlines. She sprinkled in some achievements that can prove her skills in the PR field.

14. John Caprani

This LinkedIn headline example shows a simple yet effective professional summary that provides details of John’s service. The highlight in *EXISTING* customer also provides a unique selling point that might win over potential clients.

15. Hannah Morgan

Another prime example that leverages LinkedIn headlines to offer specific value and attract potential clients. Hannah uses a unique title, “Job Search Strategist,” which will build her image as an expert and resonate with her target audience: job seekers.

16. Helene Parker

Helene showcases her company’s achievement with statistics, an excellent Linkedin headline example for sales professionals. Numbers attract people – it represents results and success, which puts your business or company on clients’ radar.

17. Carson Tate

Branding herself as an Employee Engagement Expert provides a unique target audience for Carson: businesses looking to make their employees more productive. It’s clear and packed with value for her target audience.

18. Andee Chua

Our following example of an engaging LinkedIn headline features a unique combination of personal and professional values. Andee showcases his achievements along with his personal value that puts the community first. Despite being not inherently promotive, the community-first mindset will attract like-minded people to visit his profile.

19. Ryan Bonnici

Ryan’s LinkedIn headline showcases his achievement in both the professional world and his mom’s eyes, adding a personality to his profile. Adding personal touches is a great way to avoid the salesperson vibe so that you can connect with others in a more social context.

20. Nicole Pereira

Nicole uses a mix of both personal values and professional achievements to make her profile stand out. She doesn’t shy away from branding herself as an advocate for remote working, which can help her connect with like-minded potential clients.

Ready to Write Your Sales-Driving LinkedIn Headline?

Now that you have read the complete guide to writing the best LinkedIn headline to generate leads, it’s time to put the knowledge you just learned into action. We hope that these tips, tricks, and LinkedIn headline examples could provide valuable insights to help you improve your profile.

Generating leads on LinkedIn is not an easy task – but it’s not impossible. If your company is having trouble generating leads and visibility through LinkedIn, the lead-gen experts at TexAu are here to lend you a hand. Let us know what you need here!