With over 774 million users, LinkedIn’s role in the professional market is undisputed. Millions of users are leveraging this platform every day. In addition, this is the primary channel SaaS and Agencies distribute their content and generate leads. 

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So what does that mean for you? This colossal number is hard to beat. Can you imagine how difficult it is to shine in this crowd? So it’s essential to present yourself, and your company, in the most profitable way in this heavy traffic. 

Opening an account isn’t sufficient; you need to be active as well. Engage in conversations. Optimize your account. But the question remains, how do you do all of that? 

Well, if you’re struggling to generate leads, we have some good news for you. Engagement begins with your profile. There’s one element that can optimize your conversations, engagement, and leads. 

That section is your LinkedIn profile summary

Sprucing up your profile to seek jobs or increase engagement is a challenge. Users are often uncertain about the things they need to include. If you’re one of them, you’re in the right place. 

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to create a lucrative summary for your Linkedin profile. If you’re wondering how to generate leads and build meaningful connections, we can help with that too. This article also highlights powerful automation tools you can use. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this blog:

  • The Significance of a Proper LinkedIn Profile Summary
  • How to Develop Your LinkedIn Summary 
  • 5 LinkedIn Summary Tips 
  • Top 10 LinkedIn Summary Examples 
  • Tools to Help You Grow 
  • Conclusion 

What are LinkedIn Profile Summaries, and Why is It Important? 

You might ask why your LinkedIn summary is significant. Well, what’s the first thing that you do when you stumble across a profile? You skim through it. If it’s a brand, you read its tagline and check out the banner image. How do you know if the individual or brand is worth engaging with? 

You read their LinkedIn summary. That’s how you know they are worth connecting with. Why would you think leads work any differently? Always remember that your LinkedIn summary is communicating who you are as a person or brand. That’s what your target audience is seeing. 

Sure, it’s a small section in your overall profile. But it’s a critical one! What do you want to inspire? Do you want to evoke trust? How do you plan to stand out in this competitive market? If you wish to have effective outreach, you need a stellar LinkedIn summary. 

How Your LinkedIn Summary Improves Your Outreach 

LinkedIn summaries are like your personal landing pages. It’s the most critical aspect of your profile simply because it’s the first impression viewers get. Your summary is what helps them decide whether you’re worth connecting with. A LinkedIn summary allows you to make an impression succinctly. 

You have the liberty to show your personality. Recruiters will know if you’re the right fit for their company. You can also get potential clients by sharing your insights. Most importantly, you rank higher in search results. There are plenty of factors that increase your visibility. The summary is one of them.

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Your summary should encourage others to work with you. So let’s see how you can write the perfect one.  

How to Develop Your LinkedIn Summary 

When it comes to writing LinkedIn summaries, it’s essential to understand what people look for. They want to know what you do and how you do it. Go into details. Tell them what you’ve accomplished in the past and what you can do for them. 

Writing a LinkedIn summary is intimidating for sure. Here’s a quick rundown. 

#1 Entice them

People always see the first couple of lines of your summary before reading more. So it’s crucial to hook them immediately. Make an opening statement that prompts them to learn more about you. 

#2 Talk about your unique selling point 

People are social creatures. Stories intrigue them. Your work and values are important. Tell your audience what you do and how you do it. You can even tell them why. What drives you to do what you do? Why were you attracted to your profession? Make your profile emotionally resonant. 

#3 Support your expertise

It’s important to share results. Just claiming success isn’t sufficient. You need to prove it. You don’t have to share every nitty-gritty detail. Just talk about the most impactful ones. Interweave them naturally to your summary. 

#4 Highlight your interests 

It’s important to talk about your professional and personal interests. Make yourself relatable. What do you gain from helping others? What do you get out of your job? Show that you’re committed to the cause you chose. You can talk about your passions that aren’t necessarily related to work here.

#5 Include a call to action

Share your contact information if you’re a freelancer. Tell others how they can reach out to you. Maybe highlight your notable clients. 

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5 LinkedIn Summary Tips 

Now that you know how to develop it, here are a few tips on how to write a LinkedIn summary. 

#1 Define Your Objectives 

You need to define your goals and share your aspirations. What do you hope to achieve in the future? What are you using this platform for? Do you want to foster more connections or collaborations? Your objectives will help you shape your summary. You’ll know which points to focus upon. 

#2 Pick the Keywords You Want to be Known For 

Speaking of focus, did you know your LinkedIn summary needs to be optimized for SEO? It’s essential to pinpoint the keywords that pertain to you and your brand. For example, let’s say you’re a Sales Strategist, and you’ve included this term in your profile. If someone is looking up the word, your profile will rank on top. 

#3 Reveal Your Story 

How would you introduce yourself to someone? Would you ever use the third person? No. The same rule applies to your LinkedIn summary. It should be written in your voice. Make it seem like you’re talking to your visitors. So always use the narrative format!

#4 Highlight the Things Recruiters Need to Know About You 

The previous points tell you how to reel in your viewers. Now it’s time to retain them. That’s why it’s important to highlight all the things they need to know about you. Talk about your expertise or beliefs. Highlight your significant achievements. Make sure they know all the relevant details that make you unique. 

#5 Keep it Short, Simple, and Readable

Let’s face it. No one likes reading huge paragraphs. The best LinkedIn summaries are concise and straightforward. That doesn’t mean you skip through information. You just need to focus on the most critical details. Also, it’s okay if you want to write multiple paragraphs. Just make sure they’re short and readable.

Top 10 LinkedIn Summary Examples for the SaaS Market 

Marketing professionals know the importance of building sustainable relationships. If you’re in the SaaS market, then it’s crucial to establish a robust online personality. To reach out to relevant audiences, you need the right profile summary. That’s why we listed the best LinkedIn summary examples for your inspiration.

  1. Neil Patel, Co-founder at Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics & Quicksprout

Who hasn’t heard of Neil Patel in the SaaS market? The summary covers all his major milestones and highlights his brief clients seamlessly. His introduction immediately hooks you in. After all, who wouldn’t want to get insights from a New York Times bestselling author? 

  1. Marcin Treder UX Design and Product

Marcin’s summary is brief and readable. He talks about his experience and what makes him an industry expert. But, most importantly, he shares his habits making the audience want to connect with him. 

  1. Jan Zajac, Founder, CEO at Sotrender – Social media marketing, Analytics, Startups

Jan entices his audience by sharing his story. His summary doesn’t talk about his achievements but rather his experience. He tells us about the things that make him unique. 

  1. Sharon van Donkelaar, CMO and author of Top 3 LinkedIn Outreach Strategies

Sharon utilizes all the tips highlighted in this blog. She is even ending her summary with a call-to-action! She talks about her unique features and adds relevant statistics too.

  1. Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence

Promise’s summary tells you she’s worth connecting with because all her tales are backed with statistics. She doesn’t just share her achievements; she tells you exactly how she does it. 

  1. Ilya Azovtsev, Growth Marketeer at Lemlist 

This is a great LinkedIn summary example for marketing as Ilya Azovtsev is a force to be reckoned with. He briefly shares his tasks and ends the summary with a call-to-action.

  1. Jonathan Pogact, Vice President of Marketing at Drips

Jonathan focuses on quality rather than quantity. His summary boasts his long list of expertise. He also adds his interest to pique the interest of the general audience too. 

  1. Ron Mason, Opportunity Leader

Ron has an exciting opener. He tells you exactly what he does from the get-go. His summary utilizes call-to-action to engage with the audience. 

  1. Liam McIvor Martin, Co-organizer of Running Remote, Co-founder of Time Doctor

Liam immediately shares his industry insight to hook the audience. He talks about his projects and future goals to entice the audience further. This summary ends with a call-to-action that generates leads for his website. 

  1. Jeff Weiner , CEO at LinkedIn 

This summary is interesting because it’s written from a third-person perspective. However, it’s so well constructed that it’s easy to relate to. All of Jeff’s unique selling points are discussed, and there’s a list of his achievements as well. You know he’s worth listening to! 

Tools to Help You Grow 

Consider the LinkedIn summary of your pitch. It’s meant to build trust and position yourself as a maestro. The summary helps to connect with others and get your leads to reach out to you. However, that’s not all you can do to generate leads. There are reliable and affordable tools that help you leverage prospective clients. If you’re a small company seeking the best way to encourage growth, this is it. Let’s take a look!


TexAu makes it to the top of this list because of its usability. It’s better, faster, and comes with a multitude of features. Best of all, it comes at extremely affordable prices. With this software, you can connect automation and create powerful workflows. Generate successful leads and meaningful connections in moments!


If you’re looking for a tool to grow your network, this is it. It helps you engage with prospective clients. The connections are filtered through a lead funnel to help you build smart relationships. 


This tool helps you build your prospect lists and create outreach campaigns. In addition, it automatically sends follow-up messages after the connections are accepted. With this tool, you can discover new opportunities and leverage them. 


With Dux-Soup, all you need to do is select the people you want to engage with. The software does the rest. Then, it sends them personalized requests and messages. As a result, you get complete visibility of all the activities. 


This tool allows you to automate numerous actions such as scraping profiles, sending connections, and more. More importantly, it runs entirely on cloud services. You won’t have to keep your system running to operate it. It leverages unique growth hacks to build your brand. 

Phantom Buster 

With this tool, you can target your market audience and generate growth with ease. It comes with tools that customize your tasks for seamless activities. You’ll get insights on the progress and learn how to grow your brand quicker. 

Prepared to Write Your Leads Inducing Summary?

Now that you know every nitty-gritty detail about LinkedIn summaries put the knowledge into use! Each LinkedIn profile is different. No summaries can be the same. They represent you, your personal brand, and your company. 

Leverage the right keywords and share what makes you unique. Think about how your audience will react after reading it. Be specific and get what you want. If you’re finding it challenging to generate leads, use TexAu!

Utilize these tips to create a summary that aligns with your personal and professional needs.