Follow this simple advice to make your LinkedIn work experience stand out from everyone else, including top 20 examples and more…

While making a Linkedin profile is easy, writing work experience on Linkedin is not convenient and hard to do.

Are you wondering why your LinkedIn profile isn’t putting out in front of employees after going through stacks of boring LinkedIn work experience examples out there?  

Maybe you are frustrated with your LinkedIn work experience due to duplicate work experience descriptions. Do you struggle to show how diverse and impressive your work history is, or do you not know how to use words to apply for a job?

I will explore how you can write about Linkedin work experience examples to draw potential employers’ interest, and I will be giving you 20 LinkedIn work experience examples.

These are intended to help you increase the conversion based on the context of your job post and candidate’s profile and streamline your work experience description. In addition, it enables you to create, edit and post your entry jobs faster, with relevant info like salary range and skills required. 

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The work experience section is the primary field to demonstrate your skills and be visible on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, LinkedIn experience description is a serious problem area for most people.


How do you come across as a highly-skilled veteran who has been around the block a few times, or are you just highlighting everything but the good stuff? 

It’s a time-consuming chore to redo the work experience description. Moreover, it can damage your reputation if the experience is not well-written.

Good work evaluations, recommendations, and success stories can help you to make a great first impression with potential employers. 

Use these 20 examples as guidelines when creating your LinkedIn work experience profile to make your job application most successful. 

First, choose an example where you are the main subject of attention. Then, consider how relevant your example is to the job opportunity.

If you’re in haste, here’s a quick outline:

  • Is there any difference between LinkedIn’s work experience and your resume? 
  • How to add work experience to LinkedIn
  • What to write in the description of each of your employment. 
  • 20 Examples of Linkedin work experience examples.

Let’s begin by tackling one of the first questions you might have when writing your LinkedIn work experience.

Is the LinkedIn work experience section different from your resume?

Source: ( Jobcluster)

How different is your work experience section from your resume? Can’t you just copy the work experience part of your resume and paste it into your LinkedIn profile? 

Sadly, you cannot. 

Your resume is supposed to be tailored for a specific job. At the same time, LinkedIn expands your resume to a general job search. The two documents should have the same job title, date range, and basic information for each job. However, you must present the information differently.

How to add work experience to LinkedIn

  1. Go to LinkedIn and log in. 
  2. Next, hover over the profile link in the top navigation bar and click Edit Profile from the drop-down list that appears. This step will take you to your profile page.
  3. Scroll down your profile until you see the heading “Experience.” 
  4. Click the “Add Location” link to the right of the “Experience” heading. You will see an extended experience section with all the necessary text boxes. In the text box provided, enter your job information, including company, title, location, period, and job description. LinkedIn compares the name with the company pages of thousands of companies in its records when you enter a company name. As you type, you see the suggested company name. 
  5. If you see your company name in this list, click on it, and LinkedIn will automatically fill in all the company details for you. 
  6. After entering the company name, enter your title, place of employment, length of time you worked there, and your job description. 
  7. Click the “Save” button. This action will add the position you just entered to your profile, and you will return to your profile page.

Here are the Top 10 LinkedIn Automation tools in 2021

(Source: Digitalmarketer

What to write in your Linkedin Job description?

#1 Give brief details about your role

Suppose you are another SaaS looking for jobs on Linkedin. In that case, it’s worth writing some brief details about your role so that you stand out from the candidates with more experience and education. 

Even better, you can attach images or videos when describing your position – it helps to humanize you and build trust (especially with potential future employers). 

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#2 Give examples of how your job goes beyond functioning within the organization

What goals do you personally hold within the organization? 

How do you intend to utilize such skills to help the organization? 

What unique knowledge are you bringing to the table that is unique and would benefit the organization? 

When sharing specific examples of tasks or actions that you’ve performed within an organization, try to make sure that you’re succumbing to nothing more than human decency and doing nothing that would affect your ability to continue doing a good job.

#3 Briefly describe the employer 

Describing the employer will involve you in answering these questions.

What is the most famous service/product/plan of your employer? 

In which company/organization department have you worked? 

Which team have you worked on? In what role is your team/department playing in enabling your employer to produce your services/products/initiatives?

Describing the employer is essential background for readers. You must still do this, even if the employer is a household name.

#4 List the various roles you have held in the same organization

You should list the various roles and achievements you have held in different positions within the same organization. This helps the potential employer trust that you would be committed to them for the long term. In addition, this allows your LinkedIn job description even better than the stacked list of other boring ones on the internet.

20 Examples of the best Linkedin work experience

#1 Jeff Weiner

It becomes easier for recruiters to find relevant information on your profile when it is organized. For example, you can see how Jeff Weiner used headings such as ‘Executive Chairman’ and ‘CEO’ to help to give structure to this description. 

It tells the recruiter what role he has held. He attached images to his narrative, which, as we said, helps to humanize him and develop trust between him and his potential future employers.

#2 Neil Patel

Again, titles like ‘Co-Founder’ as used in this example of Neil Patel’s description help the employer clarify what roles you have handled in the past or are currently handling. This is a huge plus that will ensure employers are clear on your work experience.   

#3 Marcin Treder

As with our previous example, the information under the subheading is a short description of his role. While Marcin Treder‘s first job description was just one sentence, it described the general scope of what she does currently at his current job. 

In the second job description, ‘Lead Designer and Developer,’ he listed milestones at his previous place of work. Did you notice what he did with the bullet points? How it was used to highlight his roles in his former profession.

His job summary is an excellent example of the style often used on LinkedIn, which we have discussed.

#4 Jan Zajac

Jan Zajac’s description is concise and clear. He uses only one sentence to tell his future employer what he is proficient in. 

#5 Richard White

Using this Richard White’s LinkedIn description example as a landmark, it is worth noting that writing your job descriptions in a personal, conversational style can be pretty engaging and bring you to the face of more employers. This will lead to an increase in how you turn up in the search.

#6 Michal Sadowski

Michael Sadowski’s job description is another example of a well-written LinkedIn job description depicting how fewer words lead to more structure. Employers do not have the time to read hard-chunks of texts. 

Writing short LinkedIn job descriptions is a way to have a unique job description that makes you stand out in the eyes of your future employers. 

He also attached pictures from his role as CEO of Brand24 to help him build trust in his potential employers.

#7 Daniel Saks

In this example, Daniel Saks uses the active voice with a direct, clear tone to describe his company and his current role in the second description.

#8 David Cancel

In this example, David Cancel uses his personal statement to elucidate his achievement as CEO, shining a light on what he has done to foreshadow what he will do to his future employer.

#9 Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah‘s job description has three sentences.  Can you see how it was written in a way that gave an overview of his current roles, duties, and responsibilities, making it easy for a potential employer looking to go through his LinkedIn job description in seconds?

#10 Brad Feld

Brad Feld’s LinkedIn is concise and relevant, which are characteristics of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile that helps stand out from the bland crowd.

#11 Promise Phelon 

In Promise Phelon’s description, he used a personal statement to describe the remarkable leadership skills that helped him and his crush acquire Then, in a few sentences, he told his roles in the achievements of his organization.

#12 James Kaiser

Through his description, James Kaiser has described the employer by answering the questions. For example, he responded to the question: What company have you worked for? When it was stated that he has worked at Wise Ape Tea and Amazon. Also, he answered the question, Which department did you work in the organization? He said he had worked as a Brand Consultant in Wise Ape and Marketing Program Manager in Amazon. This is an excellent example of how describing your employer helps you. Your description is astonishing as this helps the employer to know you are what they need.

#13 Jonathan Pogact

Using four highlights, Jonathan gave a brief description of his role. Thus, making his description concise and relevant to his potential employers. 

#14 Ron Mason

Ron Mason’s description also uses highlights to make it easy for potential employers to skim through his description. 

Can you see the hashtags he used there? 

Yes, you can list a couple of keywords from the industries/organizations you have worked in in the past. This would help you get found in a broader range of words in the LinkedIn search.

#15 Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer LinkedIn job description example shows the different positions she has held within Google and how she has worked with the company for a whopping 13 years and 2 months. This will help potential see her position, what she did, and how long she held the roles. 

Additionally, writing her description this way indicates to potential employers that she will mostly be committed long term to their company.

#16 Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh’s description is another delightful example of how using short and relevant sentences to give details about roles can help you stand out from the crowd. Notice how each sentence provides a piece of different information about the roles and achievements of the Founder & CEO of Druva. This is what your potential employer is going to be requiring of you.

#17 Liam Mcivor Martin 

Like in the LinkedIn job description example of Jeff Weiner & Michael Sadowski discussed earlier, Liam Mclovr Martin attaches pictures from his role as Co-organizer at Running remote to build trust in his potential employer.

#18 Yazan Sehwail

Yazan Sehwall’s description is another example that you can never go wrong with concise and relevant keywords in your LinkedIn job description.

#19 Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

Here, Abhijeet Vijayvergiya uses ‘we,’ ‘us’ instead of the traditional ‘I’ to indicate his strong leadership skills and that he is a remarkable team player without highlighting the essential skill of sounding like everyone else. In addition, he uses his LinkedIn description to talk about the company he co-founded, which is a great way to tell potential employers about his passion for his job.  

#20 Jayant Paleti

Jayant Paleti, as Co-founder of Darwinbox, states the roles, mission, and achievement of his company. As we have discussed, this is all critical information that helps to make a unique job description.

Everyone can be a writer, but writing job descriptions require more than a basic understanding of the craft. Even with experience, it can take time to figure out what type of job description—and format—is right for you. LinkedIn offers several ways for job seekers to outline their writing interests. Readers can engage with these descriptions by voting on whether they agree or disagree with the statements. 

In this post, I have discussed the difference between LinkedIn’s work experience and resume. Then, I talked about how you could add work experience to Your LinkedIn profile. Next, I highlighted steps to build a description for each of your jobs and write it in your LinkedIn job description. Lastly, I gave 20 LinkedIn work experiences examples.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to get noticed; it is also ideal for job seekers to post their experiences and employers to check out employees. 

Just like a resume, your LinkedIn profile should be easy to read and free of mistakes. Like them or not, more and more recruiters are using social media to find job candidates, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it by taking control of your LinkedIn work experience right now!

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