We were brainstorming about the usecases TexAu has made in our customers’ lives. Upon investigating, we came up with a bunch of things people were able to do with the lines of code we’ve written.

This post is for you if you’ve never discovered TexAu until now and for those as well who’s using TexAu but probably aren’t aware of the potential of the tool.

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5 features to discuss in this post. Share a few automation in each category.

#1 Growing network on social media

The biggest usecase of using TexAu is you can grow your social media account just by setting certain automation up once and for all. Later you just have to manage the automation & see if they’re running correctly.

Let see some automation that can help you with growing your social network.

#1 Scrape linkedin profile visitors

Linkedin is one of the hottest social media platforms right now. If you’re a working professional irrespective of a job or business, Linkedin is absolutely valuable to keep growing.

Based on how much content you create, you will have profile visitors. These are the people who’ve shown interest in your work & are most likely to work with you or hire you.

If you’re looking to switch your job, Linkedin can be a great source to get a job without waiting in the queue of recruiters & negotiating for the salary you deserve.

Create content related to your job. Document what you do at your job, your experiences & experiments that you think will be helpful for others like you. This will do things, first help people like you & get visibility on the platform. Either way, you will build authority for yourself.

When you’re getting noticed, a lot of people will be visiting your profile to see what you do. This is where you catch them. With this automation, you will be able to scrape all the people who visit your profile. If you’re using a free LinkedIn profile, you will not be able to see too many profile visitors. According to this post, you can see only the last five visitors if you’re using a free Linkedin.

Even if you’re using a free Linkedin account, 5 profiles a day are still a lot of profiles for your LinkedIn account to grow.

#2 Watch Instagram stories

If you want to grow your business/career online, Instagram is a great place to begin. With over a billion people on the platform, you can find audiences from all walks of life, especially if you’re on Instagram for brand visibility & targeting beginners.

Amongst several features that Instagram has, stories have the highest impact. Over 500 million users watch & publish Instagram stories. That’s a lot of people watching it.

With this automation you can automatically watch stories of anyone, when you regularly watch stories of people, they will notice you, visit your profile and eventually follow you.

When you put watching Instagram stories on auto-pilot you don’t have to worry about following up. The automation will watch stories every time specified profiles publish stories.

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#2 Finding leads from the web

Leads are the warn audience who are looking for a solution that you’re already providing. When it comes to lead generation, how can one not talk about the biggest social giant – Facebook.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion users already and Facebook groups are the hottest thing on the platform right now.

Here are two automation from our store that you can use to find leads for your business or job or freelancing and more.

#1 Extract facebook profiles from groups

We officially know that Facebook’s organic reach is dead. If you’re a business and want to make money out of the social media giant, you will need to spend money on ads.

But the platform came up with a free solution – Facebook groups. If you don’t want to spend money on ads, Facebook groups are the best solution.

When you have a list of people from Facebook that focuses on one thing, you know for a fact that you will be getting very close to your target audience.

One thing you will need to keep in mind while extracting profiles from a Facebook group is the fact that Facebook makes only the last 10,000 profiles of the group publically visible. Even if there are more members in the group, you will not be able to scrape more than 10,000 profiles.

Don’t be disheartened, 10,000 is a huge number. Even a small percentage of sales from just a few such groups will run your business for years.

This is very useful automation for freelancers & agencies. Facebook has over 70 million pages of various businesses listed on the platform. When you extract pages from search, you are directly getting in touch with businesses who want to promote their product/services on the biggest social platform.

Getting in touch with Facebook pages is so easy, once you have the page URLs, you can get in touch with them directly on Facebook & pitch your products/service.

Of course, you won’t do that directly. First, break the ice by talking about their businesses. Study what their business is lagging and then pitch accordingly.

#3 Create workflows

This is something we’re proud of. We have majorly focused on helping our users not only automate but create workflows of various automation. Basically stitching different steps as one big action results in amazing results.

Here are a few of the many public workflows that are most popular amongst our users.

#1 Send drip messages to 1st degree Linkedin connections

As we’ve already discussed, Linkedin is the best social networking platform for working professionals.

We have a public workflow (we call it a recipe) where you can send messages to your 1st-degree connections on Linkedin.

Your 1st-degree connections are like your neighbors, immediately available for any help, of course professional.

So with this workflow, you authenticate your Linkedin profile & then schedule messages that should be sent further.

Image 2021-12-04 at 18.36.42

In this workflow, you can start sending messages to everyone in your connection. However, if you want to send drip messages only to specific people, you can create a custom workflow, specify the profiles you want to send, and set a delay so that it doesn’t seem creepy to the recipients.

In the recipes section, you can create a custom recipe and perform the following steps:

Image 2021-12-05 at 14.33.13

In the Add Input section, you need to enter the relevant details in the specified fields as shown below.

Image 2021-12-05 at 14.36.29

Select the Google sheet to upload a list of Linkedin profiles you want to send messages to. Configure the sheet accordingly so that you don’t waste time on irrelevant people.

Image 2021-12-05 at 14.39.56

#2 Generate unlimited leads from Google

One of the most used recipes on TexAu. More than 700 people are using this recipe as it solves the most important problem for any business owner – Leads.

In this workflow, you scrape company pages from Linkedin, then you scrape employees, find their email address, and save it in a Google sheet. If you don’t already know, you can set this workflow on auto-pilot, i.e. the workflow will run until you stop it manually.

Roughly calculating, even you scrape 20 emails a day (depending on your plan) you will have 600 emails by the end of the month and that’s sufficient to get enough sales to achieve, ideally all your monthly goals.

#4 Automating outreach

Cold messaging is the golden standard for growing business in a digital era. Here, we have curated a few automation for you where you can set the outreach to auto-pilot & focus on more important things.

#1 Send a Twitter message

Although Twitter doesn’t have too many people like Facebook or Linkedin has. But the quality of people on the platform is beyond awesome. Twitter is like Reddit of professionals. No tolerance for average content.

Check out the automation here.

Unlike other social platforms, Twitter DMs aren’t cluttered with follow-for-follow messages. Converting 100 people on Twitter is way better than converting 100 people on Instagram.

You may not know if you will be able to retain people who were converted from Instagram, but you can know for a fact that people who were converted from Twitter will be of very high quality and easiest to retain unless you mess things big time.

You can break the ice & introduce yourself to people with the cold messages, and then take the conversation forward based on their response. At least you won’t have to do the most boring task of starting the conversation, manually.

#2 Send InMail using Sales Navigator

If Linkedin is the Gold mine of leads, Sales Navigator is the tool that can make the mining easier.

Linkedin has one of the best messaging systems across all social platforms. The quality of people on the platform also makes a huge impact, but it’s the cap that you can send only a certain number of messages per day is that makes it valuable.

InMail is even better. You can send messages only to first-degree connections, but with InMail, you can get in touch with anyone. Sales Navigator isn’t free and there are different plans for it. Based on the plan you choose, you can send a certain number of InMail messages using your sales navigator account. This automation that we’ve created will help you automate sending InMail messages. That’s amazing already.

#5 Find, scrape & verify emails

Emails are a crucial part of online sales & we have some of the most amazing automation related to emails. Let’s introduce you to some of those automation & their usecases.

#1 Find emails using Domain

You can specify company domain, department & other relevant details as shown below:

Image 2021-12-06 at 18.12.05

This automation will give you emails of people from the specified departments, which can be further used to create relevant outreach campaigns for marketing, sales & more. You can scrape 100 emails in one go & each email will cost you 4 email credits. Check these details in your account section. Click here to visit your account.

#2 Email verifier

The best thing about emails is that there’s no algorithm to govern them. However, emails landing in the spam folder is the biggest concern for many business owners. The second biggest reason why email marketing isn’t profitable to many is that email marketers aren’t verifying the emails they are on their list.

Verifying email simply means ensuring the email ID you have is right & active. Sending emails to the wrong person costs you money but signals the email software that you’re not a legitimate person, increasing the chances of landing your emails in the spam folder.

Verify the emails using this automation & then take further steps to send emails to the verified contacts.

We also have automation for email verifier using dropcontact, hunter, snov.io, thechecker, verifybee, clearout & truemail.

Final thoughts & TL;DR

To conclude, if you’re just starting out, we have built texau to replace redundant steps from your workflow with automation. We, by no means to intend to take away the jobs of brilliant people doing the same things, manually that we do with our automation.

Our automation is not a replacement for the human touch. Our automation is an add-on to the human superpower.

To those who were running short of time, here’s what you’ve missed.

  1. Automation to grow your social media network
  2. Automation to find leads from the web
  3. Automation to create workflows
  4. Automation to cold outreach campaigns
  5. Automation to find, scrape & verify emails

With that said, we invite you to check out our buffet of 180+ automation on various social platforms.