In Marketing Automation, the first step is to figure out the workflow and then the tool. The biggest concern small companies & freelancers have these days is the budget for growing their businesses. Marketing automation helps such small companies/freelancers take care of growth without worrying about financing that growth.

In this post, we have curated a list of 11 reasons why you should use TexAu for your marketing campaigns, along with our automation that can help you justify the reasons we’ve shared below.

#1 Personalization

Personalization accounts for the most powerful reason for sales/conversion. When people buy things from brands/businesses, they buy only when the things they get advertised are relevant to them.

When you automate things for your marketing, you get time to focus more on the things that need the most of your attention.

If you want to focus on data-driven marketing, you will need to focus on personalization. First, personalizing your content marketing will require you to know your audience and once you know them, you will have enough data to work upon.

This data will help you grow your marketing and with automation, things will quickly catch fire.

Checkout automation that can help you with personalization:

  1. Linkedin profile scraper: When you have details of Linkedin profile of your target audience, you can use those details to personalize outreach campaigns (emails or DMs) based on that information.

#2 Quality leads

When you’re automating things, you can expect results that are highly predictable. With marketing automation, you can use that predictability to generate quality leads for your business/job/freelancing career.

When you think of the quality of leads you generate from marketing automation, it goes without saying that you will have control of who goes into your customer pipeline and how they will travel through the journey you’ve designed.

It is also important to note that, quality of the leads will depend on how well you have personalized the lead generation campaign.

Check out this automation that can help you with generating quality leads:

  1. Find email on Hunter: Email is the gold standard for digital marketing. There’s no algorithm, no ads distracting your audience’s attention. It’s just you and your audience consuming each other. Hunter is email finding & verifying service that can help you with that.

#3 Creating cutomer journey

Customer journey is one of the most fundamental concepts any businessperson should focus on. Without knowing how a person, who has just discovered your product/service will become a retained customer, you can’t have a successful business.

When you nurture your existing customers, you not only increase the chances of retaining them but also can make sure that you advocate for them to refer your products/service to their network.

With that in mind, check out this automation to nurture your leads via DM on Twitter:

  1. Send Twitter messages: You can use this automation either as a workflow or simply just as it is. This will automatically send messages to any profile you specify. Make sure to check if the profile has DM enabled. As a workflow, you can scrape profiles posting content under your target hashtag from twitter search & then use the profile URLs to get in touch with them. Initiate the chat with everyone in the list using this automation & then based on their response, chat manually. That’s how you can nurture.

#4 Maintaining data is easy

We have made managing scrapped data very easy. For every automation, for every execution, we store the results within the app. Even though you can download the data soon after you execute the automation, we maintain the history of all the executions of automation you’ve run in the results section as shown below:

Image 2021-12-09 at 19.19.14

#5 Better decisions

We are in the digital age and data is the new oil. Just like every drop of oil is useful somewhere, each piece of data will also be useful for you somewhere or the other.

We are into scrapping those useful pieces of data from various platforms on the web. The data that we help you scrape will further help you make informed decisions

Check out this automation you can use to make better decisions based on data:

  1. Extract reviews from Google maps: When you collect reviews people have left from Google maps, you tap into the minds of customers who’re using the products/services of the businesses. This will help you design product for your own or for your clients you’re marketing for. You can also get a lot of ideas and pain points of customers which you can use for reports, presentations and more. Furthermore, you can also use this automation to scrape reviews from Google play store. This is helpful to those who’re marketing for android app developers.

#6 Great Sales & Marketing

What’s the point of automating stuff when you can leverage sales out of it? Everything we do online is to sell something right? It can either be to sell your skills or sell the idea that you’re enjoying your vacation (we’re sure you do, but you get the point)

With automation, you can get in touch with your audience, know about them and craft their journey well in advance. With all this, you can minimize your sales & marketing efforts & focus on what’s more important.

Check out this automation you can use to sell/market more:

  1. Scrape businesses listed on Yellowpages: For businesses who’re into B2B niche, this automation can be of great help. When you scrape businesses listed on Yellowpages, you have access to a huge list of potential customers who can buy from you. Simply get in touch with them and pitch your product/service. You just have to be right a couple of time for amazing sales & marketing results.

#7 Clear steps, goals & productivity

When you have control over your sales, marketing, data, you do nothing but be more productive in terms of the work you do. When you don’t have to worry about performing redundant steps, you are nothing but more productive.

We are talking about taking off a load of boring & monotonous steps as part of, let’s say, outreach campaigns. We understand how monotonous it becomes when you have to find new emails to get in touch with for outreach campaigns.

We have automation to reduce that load as well. Here is some automation you can use to find email leads, which you can use to get in touch & carry out your outreach campaigns.

  1. Email related automation: We have a couple of automations related to email. With these automation you can find & verify emails of your target audience.

#8 No downtime, better results

We at TexAu, ensure that all automation has zero downtime. We strive & work hard to do so. When your automation work without downtime, it’s obvious that your intended goal will be in front of you faster than you think. Even if you have to test new strategies, your existing marketing won’t be affected.

Check out all TexAu automation that can save a lot of your time & resources.

#9 More leads in less time & money

We understand you may not have enough budget or don’t want to burn too much money on finding leads before even finding business out of those leads. That’s exactly why we have created an automation that will help you find leads without burning too much money.

Linkedin is the best place to look for leads. It was an amazing place to look for B2B leads but now it’s an even better place to look for B2C leads as well.

So here are some automation to help you generate leads from Linkedin:

  1. Find email using Linkedin profile: Get in touch with your leads via email using this automation. One of many benefits of getting in touch with your leads is that there’s no disturbance, no feeds, no ads. Just you, your leads exchanging attention.
  2. Scrape companies from LinkedIn search: If you’re into B2B niche, you will love this automation where you can scrape company details from the Linkedin search.

#10 Find laser-sharp audience

One of the best things about automation is you can determine the end result well in advance. Since you have to set everything before running automation, you will have a set goal before starting the job. With automation, you can reach those goals faster.

We have some automation that can help you find a laser-sharp audience which you can nurture later.

  1. Scrape search results from Google: Google has 5.5 billion search every single day and when you find leads on Google, you get a bomb of leads. You just need to know what to look for.
  2. Scrape local listing from Google maps: Just like Google search, Maps by Google is also a great place to look for leads. When you scrape leads from Google maps, you are sure of one thing that these leads are genuine unlike businesses listed on social media that aren’t even responsive at times.

Final Thoughts-TL;DR

As closing thoughts, we want to bring your attention to a couple of things. Automation is like a two-sided sword, we have come across people who abuse systems in the name of automation.

We are strictly against it. We don’t like such incidents ourselves, especially when those are happening on our platform.

So we advise you to be cautious while running the automation. Although we have strict & adamant limitations that will keep you away from abusing the system. You will still have to be cautious. For instance, if you have newly created your Linkedin account, you will have to warm your account before automating anything.

Linkedin is very slippery in this regard. The system will immediately restrict your account if you do something unusual using your newly created account. It’s obvious & inhuman to start too many activities soon after creating an account.

With that said, we would like to have you onboard into our TexAu family, if you aren’t already. Also, check out our private Facebook community where a lot of fun things related to growth automation take place.